P2C Snow Day activities!

I hope you have all been having fun in the snow! Here are a few jobs to keep you busy at home today. Pick any that you would like to do and I can’t wait to hear all about them when we are back at school.

Stay safe and cosy!

Miss Coventry



– It is World Book Day today! Read one of your favourite stories with an adult at home and tell them why it is your favourite. Who are the characters in the story? What is the setting of the story?

– Watch ‘The Snowman’ on YouTube. Build your own snowman and give him a name. Can you write a few sentences about what adventures you could have with him?

Numeracy and Maths

– We have been learning about 3D shapes in class. Can you build some 3D shapes with the snow? You could pick from a sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cone, cube or cuboid.

– Writing our numbers is something we always work on in class. Can you write your numbers in the snow? You could even ask an adult at home to write three numbers first for you to finish off, like we do with our partners in class! Make sure all your numbers are walking the right way!!


Health and Wellbeing

– Go for a walk in the snow with an adult, if it is safe to do so. Try and spot 10 things you wouldn’t usually see. I can’t wait to hear about them – dojo me to tell me!

– Help an adult at home to prepare a snack or do some baking if you have the ingredients in the house. 


Expressive Arts

– Make a snow day picture with anything you have at home!


Have fun P2C, if you want you can post to the school Twitter with what you are doing or send me a message on Dojo. Can’t wait to hear all about it!