P3B Snow Day Activities!

Good morning. I hope you’re all keeping well in the snow.

Below are some activities to do that you can share when we are all back in school again

– Can you build a castle in the snow? Or a Queen or King snow person? I would love to see photos on Dojo!

– Can you make some snowballs and build arrays on the ground to practice your 2 and 3 tines tables?

– It’s World Book Day today. Share a favourite book with someone else at home. Create a new book cover for your favorite book. Or even, create your own short book!

– Can you write a poem about the snow? You can include rhyming words or create an acrostic poem.

Bring in some photos or send them on Dojo and we can see what we all got up to when we are back in school.

Stay safe, Miss Love