Snow Day Activities P3C

I hope that you are all enjoying the snow and having lots of fun. Here are a few activities to do, bring the results with you when we are all back in together and we will have a show and share.

Choose 1 or 2 activities to complete:

  1. Build a snowman and take measurements of him- height, width, nose length.

Draw a picture of him and label the diagram with the measurements.

  1. Throw some snowballs. Measure the distance that they go. Record your results and bring them into class. Who threw the furthest snowball?
  2. Design and make a paper snowflake. Decorate it and we can display it in class.
  3. Create a snowy day picture to share with us.
  4. Write a snowy story – remember to use exciting adjectives. You can read it to the class.
  5. Fill a clear container with 50 cm of snow and let it melt. Is the statement “50cm of snow will make 2.5cm of water” true or false. Draw a picture of your experiment and write a short explanation of your results.


Have fun and keep warm,

Mrs Morris