P4A Blog

This term we have had lots of fun learning about the Vikings.

I enjoyed learning about the long ships because there was to learn like how they put shields around the side – Ruby

I liked learning about the Viking’s jobs. They were farmers, fishermen, traders and craftsmen – Alfie

I enjoyed learning about their clothes because there were materials that I didn’t realise exists at that time like linen, cotton, leather and silk – Jack M

We really enjoyed our drama workshop: We learned that the Vikings lived 1300 years ago – JackT

We all pretended to be Vikings raiding Lindisfarne and some of us were Monks.


In Maths, we have been leaning about fractions and shapes:

We have been working out fractions of amounts using counters and division – Grace

The top number in a fraction is called the numerator. The bottom one is called the denominator.  We used mirrors to check if pictures were symmetrical  – Joseph

We have been learning to make tiled patterns using 1 or 2 different shapes -Fraser