P6A Amazonia visit



On the 29th of March P6A went to Amazonia.

Firstly we put our coats and bags in a locker and then we lined up waiting to go into Amazonia. The lady who was taking us round talked to us about some things that were inside. Then she took us inside and asked us some questions about the rainforest. Next she took us round so we could see all of the different animals and there was even a nocturnal section. Some of the animals we saw are: toucan and he was called Coco, snakes, monkeys, birds, amphibians and butterflies. After that we went into the handling room where we could hold a tortoise, a snake and a tarantula. Some people didn’t hold any of them but most people did. After a while we went into the interactive section, also with a green screen. The boys sat down on the green screen first and they played a game to jump up and down to catch butterflies on the screen. Eventually the girls got a shot and then they played one more game, but by the end of that everyone was really hungry! So we went under a big tent to eat some lunch. While we were eating we were given a rainforest booklet to fill in. Before very long everybody made their way back to Amazonia to have another look around at the animals. Some people even fed the fish. Lastly we got on the bus and we went back to school.