P1/2 Trip

P1/2 had a great time at the Seabird Centre today! This morning, we had lots of fun exploring the rock pools and finding out about the creatures that lived in them. We went to three different areas of the beach to explore and we even got to collect some ‘marine minibeasts’ to put in a tray of water! We were then able to have a closer look at them moving around. We then had lunch outside on the grass as it was such a sunny day. After lunch we went back out to the beach to learn about food chains. Some of us got to wear fancy masks to act out a sea life food chain and then we sorted some food chain cards into the correct order in our groups. We finished off our day by making some of our own food chains in the sand, using our fingers to draw the shapes and stones, shells and seaweed to make them look more realistic! We had a super day in the fresh sea air and we were all very tired on the bus journey home! Well Done P1/2! What a lovely day!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing learning trip. Good to hear that the Scottish seashore has scientists of the future to care for it.

  2. Absolutely lovely day & P1/2 can be very proud of themselves, all very well behaved. It was great fun collecting all our mini beasts, & I had to be brave & pick them up for some little ones ?
    I had a great day & thank you for letting me be your helper.
    Nana Dot had great fun too!!

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