Day one at Benmore

Hi there, we have all arrived safely at Benmore. We have checked out our dorms, made our beds and unpacked our things. Each group has been out on a forest walk, with some people walking up waterfalls, crawling through tunnels and getting rather muddy! At five o’clock it is cake o’clock. Today we had cookies, they were excellent! For dinner we had fish and chips followed by ice cream and jelly. It was delicious! The breadcrumb on the fish was very crispy. We are just about to go and get ready to go on our night walk. We are excited and a little nervous.

We will update you more on our adventures tomorrow night!

from Sophie, Emma L, Craig, F, Lewis F, Shane, Alfie and Christopher

5 thoughts on “Day one at Benmore

  1. Susie Graham

    Glad to hear you are all having fun! We miss you kian and cant wait to hear all about your adventures tomorrow. Love you lots..Mum craig cerys and Ronin.

  2. Lesley Johnston

    Sounds like you are all having a fun time, hope you are enjoying yourself Fraser and you are trying the activities. We love you lots & miss you and look forward to hearing all about your adventures on Friday. All our love Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  3. Chris Hall

    Glad you arrived safe and sound! Don’t be scared to try all the activities and remember to have fun! Will see you Friday Christopher.

    Love Dad

  4. Leah Thorburn

    Hope your all having a great time. Evan Lewis is missing you.
    Love from Mum Dad Deryn & Lewis X

  5. Laura gemmill

    Aw Shane
    So glad you are all safe and clearly eating well.. hope you have a fantastic time.. Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow.. sleep well and enjoy your time away.. miss you already
    Love from
    Ps ..
    Jadyn and lexie miss you and I’ve kissed Harper good night for you. See you soon xx

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