Day 3 at benmore

Sorry for the late post from Wednesday the internet was not working last night.

For breakfast we had cereal and fruit followed by sausage, beans and toast. It was very tasty!

After breakfast we went off to do our duties. Most rooms got 10/10 today for room inspections. The lowest score was 8/10.

After that it was time for our morning activities. These ranged from orienteering, forest adventures, ropes and biking.

For lunch we had vegetable soup and a filled roll. There were mixed feelings about the soup.

Our afternoon activities ranged from climbing, caving, canoeing and forest adventures.

We had flapjacks for cake oclock and then it was time for free time. People decided to shower, play frisbee, chat and play pool during this time.

For dinner we had battered chicken, rice and curry sauce. It was delicious! We then had artic roll and peaches.

After that it was time for a quiz around the house.

We are looking forward to our last full day tomorrow.

By Murray, Owen, Kian, Alfie, Christopher