P6C Update

P6C have been very busy recently so we wanted to update you on our progress.

We have been working on Keeping Myself Safe this term. This has been very interesting to work on and the class have provided interesting and insightful comments.

We have recently begun working on fractions during our maths lessons. We are working on identifying fractions and equivalent fractions. Continue reading “P6C Update”

P6A Weekly Blog (19.5.17)

In Art we were drawing a self-portrait. We had to include as much detail as we could. We were not allowed to draw it in pencil, we had to draw is straight on in pen. The portrait was of our faces, not our whole body. We tried to draw more detail than our P5 portrait.

In Maths we were working on frequency tables and bar charts. We used the information from our frequency table to make the bar chart. Continue reading “P6A Weekly Blog (19.5.17)”

P6A Weekly Blog (12.5.17)

This week we watched our P1 Buddy class rehearse for their assembly. It is about French. They were doing French songs, days of the week, numbers 1-10, colours and they had a short conversation with each other. We thought that it was quite cute and they had learned French quite fast. They have even taught us some things in French.

In Art we drew our thumb prints. We had to look closely at our thumbs to see what the thumb print looked like. Then we drew it with a pencil. Then we went over it with black pen and finally we coloured each section in a different colour to make it bright. Continue reading “P6A Weekly Blog (12.5.17)”

P6A Weekly Blog (5.5.17)

This week we had our class assembly. We were all nervous but we got there in the end. We think that everyone enjoyed it because their eyes were fixed on us. The assembly was about the rainforest. We worked in teams of 4 and 5’s to make the scripts for our assembly. We made posters and posters to decorate the gym hall. We made up our own scripts. Our P1 Buddy class came to our assembly.

This week we have started Keeping Myself Safe. We watched our first video. It was called The Town. The story was about a girl who wanted to go to the shopping centre and her mum wouldn’t let her. She ended up going anyway. We were learning strategies like, Be Strong, Let Someone Know and Risky Business. Continue reading “P6A Weekly Blog (5.5.17)”

P6A Weekly Blog (28.4.17)

In Art this week for our Human Body topic we drew a boy and a girl. We are going to label the boy and the girl to show the different parts of the body.

During laptops we typed out our Achievements and Life in Windygoul comments for our reports. We had to save the Word Documents onto our servers.

In handwriting we wrote a poem about the brain. We had to use cursive writing and we self-assessed by using tickled pink and green for growth.

At Buddies we taught our buddies how to type on the laptop. The P1 buddies were writing a story from their jotter about a garden. We used a Word Document and they were typing. Our job was to fix any mistakes for them. We also taught our buddies how to play What’s The Time Mr Wolf in French.

Our new Literacy Evolve book is about a civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. The main character is called Ayesha. It is called Oranges in no-man’s Land and it is written by Elizabeth Laird.

For spelling this week we were learning how to spell Human Body words. We did a few spelling activities to try to learn the words.

We had a run through of our assembly. Our assembly is on Thursday 4th May at 9am.

Written by Angelina and Joshua.




P6A Blog 24.3.17

We did Art this week. We drew a rattlesnake. We followed the step by step instructions from the board. Then we went over it in black pen and coloured it in.

We were working on laptops. We were doing the touch typing and we were told where to put our fingers and the letters that the fingers should be on. It was quite hard. It was called Tux Typing. Continue reading “P6A Blog 24.3.17”

P6A Blog 17.3.17

Last week we went on a trip to Amazonia. We were told to eat our snack on the way in to Amazonia. When we got in a woman took us around. She told us that there were some free-flying birds, like a toucan, and she told us to try to be quiet so that we didn’t scare the animals. We went in to the Nocturnal Animal section and saw fruit bats, tarantulas and other nocturnal animals. After we had walked around Amazonia we went into the Handling Room. We held a Breaded Dragon called Mel, a Corn Snake called Sprite and a Hissing Cockroach. We were very brave. After the Handling Room we went into the Interactive area where we played some Rainforest games. Then we had our lunch and then it was time to go home. Continue reading “P6A Blog 17.3.17”

P6A Weekly Update 9.12.16

This week we went on a trip for a Bubblegum and Fluff workshop at Tranent Parish Church. The workshop was all about the true meaning of Christmas. When we arrived we were put into groups; Shepherds, Angels, Camels, Wise men and the Innkeepers. We did a quiz about Christmas. It was like the game Corners for the answers. After that we had to guess when 2 minute was up and put our hand up. We then had to arrange cards into the correct order for the Christmas Story. After that we had our snack and decorated a candle holder. We then watched the puppet show – Bubblegum and Fluff, and we learned songs. We acted out the story of Zacchaeus. We watched a present experiment. We wrote a prayer or wish on a candle. Continue reading “P6A Weekly Update 9.12.16”