Our poems in primary 2D


We have returned from our October Break ready to begin a new term full of enthusiasm!
Each morning this week we have been learning new rhyming words to help us with our poetry. We have a poetry tree which we have been attaching leaves to with rhyming words. We have loved playing What’s the Rhyme? sorting houses. Every  morning we have listened to a new poem, some are very funny and have been making us laugh. We love ‘The Worm that wouldn’t Wiggle’, that’s definitely our favourite, you can find it on youtube.

Here we are with our rhyming tree.


We loved investigating different rhyming words with our magnetic boards.


Our rhyming house game was our favourite.

We are all looking forward to a busy term ahead!

CDuke and Primary 2D

Learning is fun

Bonjour!  A new term has started where we have been brushing up on our French, our French assistant comes in to chat with us every Tuesday and teach us new words!  We have been playing games and singing songs in French.  We know how to greet a person and say our name! We will be fluent by the end of P1!

Last term we had  fun learning about the seasons.  We  loved learning and singing our new season song from the internet – www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksGiLaIx39c.

We are continuing to display lots of work on our Learning Wall in class which you will see at Parents Evening.  The children have a P7 buddy from Mrs Idle’s class which they are very excited about.  We will be meeting together every  Friday.  They will be able to help us with  our new shared readers and  new sounds we are learning in class.

At the moment we have a fruit and vegetable shop in our class.  We love to choose the different fruit and vegetables and pay for them at the till.  Some of us in the class have even been writing out a shopping list first before we do our shopping.

During November we will be starting our new topic  ‘Electricity’ which we are looking forward to and also practising our new songs for the Nativity.

We have been continuing to  keep healthy by having fruit throughout the week and running outside each day.  We  also have gym with the specialist on a Wednesday afternoon which tires us out!

Well that is all from P1E.  Au revoir!