P.2A are looking forward to their Assembly!

Happy 2017!

Thank you very much for reading the Scottish poems at home with the children. They have been so enthusiastic when we have been saying them in school.

On Friday 20th of January, we hope that you will be able to come to our Assembly, (9 o’clock in the school hall) and hear not only some of the poetry, but some songs as well.

We hope to send you home with a smile, to cheer up a cold and dreich January.

Term One in P1A

Primary 1A have been very busy, learning about school routines and our lovely building. We have been visiting different parts of the school, and getting to know each other. The children enjoy working in pairs, and this is helping them to become more familiar with names and bond with their peers.

Every morning we begin with BONJOUR! in preparation for our French lessons which start next term. After register and lunch selections we are working hard on sound and letter knowledge. Their cusive handwriting is really developing with more and more pencil control. Well Done!

We have been enjoying our daily run with running partners, and almost everyone, (including Mrs. Ellis) can now run a lap without stopping. Keep up the good work P.1a!