Perfect Pizza in P2C

We have been learning all about keeping healthy and different kinds of foods.  We designed our own healthy pizzas today and then made them.  They smelt delicious as they were cooking! 

P2C Update – January 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of January already! The class have come back from the holidays ready to learn and have shown lots of enthusiasm in everything that we have been doing.  We started off the term with our Scots Week where we made our own tartans and designed kilts for Robert Burns.

Everyone made a huge effort to learn their poems and I was very impressed with the high standards in the class – thank you to everyone at home who supported the children with this.

This term we have a History focus looking at Life in the Past and are currently working on creating our own museum – more information to follow.  After the February break, we move on to a Health and Wellbeing focus looking at Keeping Healthy.

The class are currently preparing for their Class Assembly and we look forward to welcoming you into school on Friday 10thFebruary at 10.45 to share this with you.  Look out for invitations this week.


Diwali in P2C

We have been learning all about Diwali.

We worked in our cooperative groups to retell the story of Rama and Sita using puppets – some of us were very nervous performing in front of an audience!

We enjoyed a workshop from Tesco where we got to try different foods.  We made raita using yoghurt, mint and cucumber.  We also tried some new foods such as houmous.dscf1248

One of our favourite activities was making the lanterns.  We started by making some out of paper and then used clay to make our own.  We got to bring them home yesterday. dscf1249 dscf1250dscf1251


Doubles Dudes in P2C

We have been working really hard at learning our doubles and today we made Doubles Dudes to show our learning.  We challenged ourselves to think of small doubles (1-5) and doubles with bigger numbers (6-10 and beyond!)


Why not ask us at home to tell you what we know about doubles.dscf1216

Term 2 in P 2A

Hopefully, everyone is well rested after the Holiday and ready for more learning challenges.

Letters went out today to sign up to class DOJO giving you a link from home. Please return the letter to let me know that you have signed up for it. We will clear the points at the end of every month and give the children with the 3 highest scores each month, a raffle ticket for our end of the year DOJO prizes.

We had a lovely afternoon using Autumn poems for music interpretation, and looking at Silhouettes in Art. Our art work used cutting out skills, and for some of us this was a challenge! If you have any spare time, please try some cutting out at home. Curves and zig-zags were giving us a lot to think about.

This morning we used words to describe objects and people. We enjoyed finding adjectives to describe our friends and we all remembered to be polite, considerate and honest. Well done P.2A, I was proud of you all!

Our Space Topic

Over the last few weeks P5C have been exploring the Solar System and looking at how our universe works. We have looked at everything from the vast sizes of stars and distances across the Solar System to the tiny world of atoms.

The whole class enjoyed trying to replicate a scale image of the Solar System by positioning the Sun at one end of the school field, Mercury 36 metres from the Sun and Earth 93 metres from the Sun (at a scale of 1metre for 1 million miles). We were all shocked that Neptune would be the other side of Ormiston at this scale.

The children also began to recognise how gravity pulls objects into orbit around them by watching demonstrations on YouTube (search for ‘gravity, space time and blue spandex’ for an excellent illustration of how gravity works on stretched out blue spandex).

Looking at space also brings us to looking at the world of the tiny in order to understand what is going on. The children enjoyed exploring how stars, with their immense gravity, squash the simplest atoms into larger atoms (fusion) and give off energy. They also create other bigger atoms as they start to die and then finally explode casting out all the gases and dust into space only to form new stars through gravity again. It was an amazing moment when we all began to realise that we are all stardust!

I hope that this topic has inspired our P5 children to want to explore more about their world (and beyond) to a deeper level.



P2C Learning Update

The boys and girls have made a great start to P2 this year.  They are enjoying using their Superhero Learning Powers to help them and have been learning about their local area.  The children have been using some thinking routines to help them share their thinking with others.  One of our favourites is “See…Think…Wonder”. We had to look at a map of Tranent and work with our partner to share our thinking. Continue reading “P2C Learning Update”

Let’s Talk About Maths

A group set up to challenge negative attitudes towards maths wants to hear the views of parents’ and young people. The Making Maths Count expert group, established by  Education Secretary Angela Constance, has launched a short online questionnaire to find out how people feel about maths and how they use their maths skills. The group, which brings together expertise from industry, academia and science, has been tasked with identifying which factors can create negative attitudes towards maths, before making its recommendations on how to improve the nation’s enthusiasm for and participation in the subject. Teachers, parents, carers and young people are all encouraged to contribute their thoughts as part of the group’s call for evidence.
Further information and the online questionnaire is at