2B Snow Day Activities

Morning P2B,

I hope you’re all enjoying the snow! I’m sure lots of you have been outside building snowmen and i’d love to see photos of you beside them so we can see how tall they are. Ask Mum or Dad to send them on Dojo.

I imagine the snow is quite deep where you are, it certainly is at my house! Why not practice counting up with big footprints, then try counting backwards to get home.

It’s World Book Day today so when you’re back inside warming up, you could share some of your favourite stories. You could even re-tell someone at home your story about the Little Polar Bear as he got lost in snow just like we’ve had.

Another cosy indoor idea would be to draw a picture of all the fun you’ve been having to bring in and share with us.

Stay safe and wrap up warm and I look forward to seeing and hearing what you’ve been up to when we’re back at school.

Miss Smith

P3/4 December Update

It has been a very busy term for P3/4!  We have been learning all about Electricity with Miss Smith and Miss Innes has been doing some experiments with us which has been very exciting!  We now know how dangerous electricity can be and how to stay safe when we are around it inside and outdoors.  If you need any advice, just ask us because we’re experts!  At the end of our topic, Miss Smith challenged us to design a Christmas decoration that lights up.  We had some great ideas and had to make sure that we drew a circuit for inside with a light bulb and a switch so that it would work.


We were very excited to have Freddie the Teddy to stay with us for 2 weeks as a reward for being the class with the least number of children late into school.  He got to sit pride of place at the front of the classroom.

Also this term the Primary 4’s went out of school to plant bulbs at APOGI Park.  There are lots of stories to be heard about the town that we live in and lots of them are hidden in the cairns at APOGI Park.  We had great fun jumping on the mud to make sure the bulbs were nice and safe under the ground and are are looking forward to seeing the carpet of flowers that will be there next year.

img_0338  img_0340 img_0341  img_0343  img_0345 img_0346

It is almost time for all of the Christmas fun to start.  We have been practising hard for our Carol Concerts and are looking forward to our parties.  There was an extra surprise on Monday though when an elf arrived in P3/4!  Georgie came to ask us for some help so we have been made honorary elves, just for this year.  We’re not sure Georgie is working very hard though as we came in this morning and he was playing Connect 4 with Oli from next door.  Santa did warn us that he was a bit mischievous!


Hopefully he’ll tell Santa about all of the great things we’ve been doing and he’ll keep us on the nice list.


Electricity Topic


This term P3/4 will be learning about electricity.  Today we thought about what life would be like without electricity and I challenged the children to spend at least an hour over the next week electricity free.  So no TV, tablets, games consoles or phones!  We came up with lots of ideas of what we could do instead e.g. playing outside with friends, doing arts and crafts, reading or playing board games.  I wonder how many will manage!

Also linked to our topic is the optional homework.  Scottish Power have an excellent website called Powerwise that we are using to help us learn about electricity in class, but it also has missions to complete. The children get 5 Dojos for each mission they complete.

The link to the homework sheet is below.  Good luck!


P3/4s Classroom Museum

Our Classroom Museum was a huge success.  Thank you to all of the mums and dads who helped make our artefacts and to all of our visitors.  A special thank you to Mrs White, Mrs Clark and the P4’s from P4/5 who helped us organise and run the museum on the day.

classroom-museum-030classroom-museum-029 classroom-museum-028 classroom-museum-027 classroom-museum-026 classroom-museum-024classroom-museum-032 classroom-museum-031 classroom-museum-023 classroom-museum-022 classroom-museum-020 classroom-museum-018  classroom-museum-016 classroom-museum-013 classroom-museum-012 classroom-museum-011 classroom-museum-010classroom-museum-015


If you are looking for something to do over the October holidays, below is a link to the Ancient Egypt Quest you can complete at the National Museum of Scotland.  They have some amazing real life artefacts from Ancient Egypt to discover.


P3/4 September Update

P3/4 have had a busy start to the year.

In literacy we are learning all about nouns, verbs and adjectives to help us improve our writing. We have also been doing fact files about the River Nile and are learning about Newspaper front pages to help us create one of our own.

In numeracy we have been learning the link between digits, their place and their value. We had lots of different resources to help us learn about hundreds tens and units and all worked really hard for Miss Smith.

In PE with, Mr Thomas, we have been focussing on ‘Kinaesthetic Awareness’ and ‘Respect and Tolerance’ through invasion games. We have had lots of PE stars so far this term.  The Primary 4’s have also been swimming and always come back with a smile on their faces.

Also in health and wellbeing we have been exploring friendships and how we can all be good friends to each other.  Miss Smith also gave us some chocolate!  It wasn’t just because she was being nice though.  We are practising mindfulness and had to hold one square of chocolate in our mouths for as long as we could and it was a bit strange.  Definitely not how we usually eat it.  In our next lesson we had to sit still like a frog.  Some of us find it tricky but we are trying hard.

We have been learning about Ancient Egypt in topic. In art we used what we had learned about hieroglyphics to design a cartouche with our names on.  We think they look great on the walls of our classroom.


Though it has been interesting learning about the River Nile and how people used to live thousands of years ago, we are more excited about what is coming next, mummies and pharaohs!  We also have some exciting homework to do over the next couple of weeks.  Miss Smith has challenged us to create an artefact for our classroom museum.  We will have to use all our creativity to build something that looks like it has come from Ancient Egypt.