P1/2 Trip

P1/2 had a great time at the Seabird Centre today! This morning, we had lots of fun exploring the rock pools and finding out about the creatures that lived in them. We went to three different areas of the beach to explore and we even got to collect some ‘marine minibeasts’ to put in a tray of water! We were then able to have a closer look at them moving around. We then had lunch outside on the grass as it was such a sunny day. After lunch we went back out to the beach to learn about food chains. Some of us got to wear fancy masks to act out a sea life food chain and then we sorted some food chain cards into the correct order in our groups. We finished off our day by making some of our own food chains in the sand, using our fingers to draw the shapes and stones, shells and seaweed to make them look more realistic! We had a super day in the fresh sea air and we were all very tired on the bus journey home! Well Done P1/2! What a lovely day!

P1/2 Update

P1/2 have been very busy this term! We have enjoyed learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy and we did a fantastic assembly on this too. Here are some of the things that we have learned!

We started off by learning all about what foods to eat and how to have a balanced diet. We even planned some balanced meals and lunches and carried out a survey to see what our favourite fruits and vegetables were. We now know that we need to try our best to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

We then went onto find out how to brush our teeth properly and what things are good and bad for our teeth. We were very surprised at how long 2 minutes was when we were pretending to brush our teeth in class! We also learned about the importance of hand washing to stop us from getting ill. We did a fun activity using glitter to show how easily germs can be spread. We enjoyed practising our hand washing at the water tray and we tried our best to remember all the different steps. We then looked at how much sleep we need at our age and we thought about how we feel when we are tired. We finished off our healthy body work by looking at how medicines can help us to feel better when we are ill and we now know the importance of using these safely. We also thought about who can help us to feel better (dentists, doctors, nurses etc).

Last week, P1/2 also took part in a Tesco workshop. We got to make our own muesli by mixing together lots of different ingredients. We also found out how much sugar is in some cereals that we eat, as well as popular fizzy drinks. We had lots of fun eating our very own muesli afterwards!

Well Done for all your hard work this term P1/2. Keep it up!

A busy time in P3C!

P3C have had a fantastic start to Primary 3 and are now looking forward to another successful term on the run up to Christmas!

Our topics last term were weather and climate and then water. We really enjoyed both of these and by the end of last term, we were even beginning to see the links between the two topics. The children enjoyed learning about different climate zones around the world, including the Arctic, tropical rainforests and also deserts and we then compared and contrasted these which we all did very well. We also enjoyed keeping weather diaries and looking at the different nonfiction topic books to help us to learn more. In our teams, we loved creating weather reports for different seasons, after watching real ones from the BBC. We enjoyed doing some lovely poems about different weather related topics and we did a fantastic one using similes about the colours of the rainbow.

We had lots of fun exploring our water topic and we all particularly enjoyed carrying out experiments to aid our learning. We carried out experiments to find out; what makes ice melt, what substances mix with water and we also did one to learn how the water cycle works which was very fun. We particularly enjoyed listening to the catchy water cycle song from Youtube. Once we had predicted what would happen before each experiment was carried out and then completed it successfully, we learned how to write up a science report to show the results. We all got very good at this!

Out new topic for this term is the Earth, Sun and Moon and we have already been thinking about what we want to find out about this topic. We will also doing a topic on Enterprise on the run up to the school Christmas Fayre! Watch this space!

Everyone has been really enjoying learning more and more French in class. So far we have learned how to discuss the weather, greet each other, say our names, birthdays and ages, as well as learning the numbers up to 20, the alphabet and the colours. We are looking forward to going onto learning the days of the week and months of the year in the coming weeks!

In numeracy, we are just about to start to learn our times tables which we are all very excited about! We are beginning with our 2x table and we are all getting really good at counting up in 2s in preparation for this. In maths, we are going to be learning about money and so any extra practise of using and looking at money at home would be great!

We have just started a very exciting challenge to learn how to spell all of the first 100 common words in P3. Most of us are currently working on learning the first 25 with no mistakes. We are really working hard with this!

Finally, we are all getting really fast with our Daily Mile now and so we are aiming to do more laps in the time limit. We now get a dojo for every lap we complete so we are trying to do as many as we possibly can! At the end of the week, a star runner is announced for someone who has been putting in lots of effort all week!

News from P1C

In P1C we have been enjoying settling into the routines of school. We are getting to know our lovely surroundings, even although it is such a big school! We are also doing well with learning each others names and making new friends in our class. We love working with lots of different partners to help with this. It is all very exciting!

In class lately, we have all been enjoying earning’Fabulous Fuzzies’ for our fuzzy cups. We get these when we follow the Golden Rules. We always enjoy counting how many we have got in our pots at the end of the day. When our pots are full, we will get a special prize and a medal!

We have worked hard to learn some letters and sounds in our Read Write Inc Lessons and we are all looking forward to learning much more in the coming weeks. We are trying so hard to write our letters (and our names) in cursive handwriting and we are doing really well with this. Our pencil control and fine motor skills are also improving all the time. We particularly enjoy using the ‘Finger Gym’ area in the classroom to help with this!

Everyday, we have been going out for a Daily Run in the school grounds. Everyone is enjoying this and we are all trying to get a little bit quicker and faster all the time. It really helps to keep us fit and healthy.

Over the next few weeks we will be starting to learn some basic French in preparation for starting our French lessons after the October holidays. How exciting!

Our topic has been ‘Our Natural World’ and so we have been learning all about the weather and seasons. We have been enjoying recording the weather and even watching some real weather forecasts! We are soon going to be looking at recycling and how we can care for our planet.

Well Done for all your hard work so far P1C! Keep it up!