East Lothian Talks

As part of our East Lothian topic, P4C were set a challenge to learn about an East Lothian town. They had to share what they had learned and make a poster, show us pictures or make a model. This week they have been busy sharing their learning with the rest of the class. P4C have shown how confident, knowledgeable and creative they are. Lots of hard work and effort has gone into their projects – well done! Here are some pictures of the children carrying out their presentations.

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Learning in P4C

P4C have been very busy since we returned after the summer holidays. We have all set targets for ourselves and have been busy getting to know our new cooperative home teams. We have also started to learn more about East Lothian, as this is our topic. In addition, we have been stretching our brains by learning about coordinates in Maths. Our Art work has been fantastic and in Writing we have been describing the characters from our class story ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’. Here are some pictures from our start to P4.

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Spelling Bee

P4A and P4B have been working hard on their spelling all year. They have been setting themselves targets to learn all of the common words. Yesterday there was a Spelling Bee to find ‘The Ultimate Spelling Champion’. The 10 champions from each class went through to the final. It was a very tense event with lots of nerves! The children were very supportive of each other, especially when the words were tricky! We eventually got the 20 contestants down to a final 5. Then the words got really hard! Nicole Torrance in P4B was our ‘Ultimate Spelling Champion 2014’. A huge congratulations to all of the children who took part!

1st Place – Nicole Torrance
2nd Place – Leo Harrison
3rd Place – Quinn Porter
4th Place – Kieran Lavery
5th PLace – Kiera Anderson

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Summer in the Owl Room

The Owls have been learning about Summer. They have been making beautiful summer paintings and collages. They are also very lucky to have tadpoles in their room. After a few weeks of watching them grow, the Nursery children noticed something different about their tadpoles. They had turned into frogs! Miss Ewing read them a lovely story all about a frog and they have been learning some frog facts.

P3 Thinking Caps!

P3A have been very busy this week. As part of their ‘Healthy Body’ topic they have been learning about the brain. They are in the middle of making papier mache thinking caps and are excited to paint them next week to show all of the different parts of the brain.

Primary Games

Yesterday Windygoul P4s were lucky enough to attend the Primary Games at Meadowmill. They were able to see the Queen’s Commonwealth Games baton on it’s tour around Scotland as well as take part in a number of sports. The children really enjoyed the day and were able to mix with other P4 and P5s from across East Lothian schools. A big thank you to our parent helpers who helped to support the children during the day. Here are a few photographs of them in action!

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New P4 Classes Visited By Pirates!

During our transition days, P3, the new P4, were visited by pirates! They left lots of exciting activities for us to do. Some of these things included making treasure maps, creating pirate characters and making hats and cutlasses. The new P4s had a great time.

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New Sensory Room

On Friday Callum, Charley, Daniel and Sophie from P4a went to explore our new sensory room. They enjoyed being together and Sophie loved all of the colours in the water pillar. Daniel said, “I really enjoyed lying on the water bed!” Callum said, “My favourite thing was the coloured dice which made all of the room change colours when it rolled.” Charley said, ” I loved everything about it!”. We can’t wait to go back!

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P4 Canopic Jars

Last Thursday we received our clay canopic jars back from the museum. Our first task was to make sure all of the bodies were matched correctly with the heads. We spent some time painting them yesterday; some of us picked traditional colours, others made our own design. We really enjoyed it!




P4 Trip

On Monday P4a and P4b visited Prestongrange Mining Museum. We went to take part in a clay workshop as part of our Ancient Egypt topic but also to see how much we remembered about mining from our first topic, East Lothian. We split into different groups. The clay workshop was really fun and we had to try and make a canopic jar. The best part was trying to design the top of the jar to look like one of the gods! We also went to see the Beam Engine and got to go inside. We couldn’t believe how old it was. We saw a huge spanner which was bigger than most of us!

P4 had a great time and learned lots of new facts. We can’t wait to get our canopic jars back to school so we can paint them!

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