Reader of the Week

The P6b Word’O’Meter is almost full. We have reached 1,750,000 words. We are aiming for 2 million. Our reader of the week this week is Aaron Osypiw who read 62,906 words. Last week’s reader of the week was Caitlin Ritchie who read a huge 155,717 words! We are hoping to keep up this fantastic reading and achieve our target by April.

Mathletics Fundraising Challenge

On Friday P7b and P6b ran a fundraising event to raise money to buy Mathletics licences to help with their maths. They asked everyone to bring in any spare coins that they had at home, with the aim of covering a section of the gym hall floor. With the whole school working together P7b and P6b managed to raise £207.00. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed.

Full Of Words!

The P6b Word’O’Meter is filling up very quickly! We have now reached a massive 1,400,000 words! Our class target is to reach 2 million by Easter. At first we thought this seemed like a very difficult challenge but we are all working together and feel that we will meet this target.

Our Star Reader this week is Danni Lee who read 70, 315 words in one week. Well done Danni!

Geometric Drawings

At school in Victorian times, girls were asked to sew while the boys made geometric drawings. This week P6b made our own Geometric Drawings (all of us, not just the boys!). Take a look at our drawings.

By Danni Lee

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Reader of the Week

The P6b Word’O’Meter is filling up very quickly. We have now reached 500,000 words! Our Star Reader this week is Sameer who read 3 books last week. He read 41,204 words in total. Well done Sameer!


P6b have turned into book worms! They have been given the class challenge of reading 2 million words by April. In the last week pupils have read 300,000! They are well on their way to completing the challenge. Take a look at our Word’O’Meter.

Mad Scientists

P6b have been learning about the Human Body this term. This week we have been investigating how the lungs work. We carried out an experiment to find out the capacity of our lungs. We then repeated the experiment after exercise. On average our lungs held 2 litres of oxygen. We enjoyed being scientists. Take a look at our photos…