World Book Day in Nursery

We have had a fantastic day in Nursery today talking about our favourite characters in books. Lots of children dressed up and were able to tell us which character they were. The pre school children are using words related to books such as illustrator, author and title.

We often read a book to the children in Nursery and deliberately don’t share with them the title of the book at the start. Once we have read the book to the children we ask them what they think the title of the book might be. This lets us know if the child has understood the main idea of the story! It’s a great way for us to learn more about their understanding. Have a go at home… their ideas are always so creative!

New Little Owls and Pupil Voice!

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest and youngest children who have recently started with us here in the Nursery. We are learning the routines and getting to know our new friends. Here we are enjoying ‘Toast Friday’ where we all sit down together and have snack with our friends. Mrs James, Miss Dodds and Mrs Laycock have been so impressed with how the new children are settling in.

The children across the Nursery are continuing to meet twice a week for their ‘Talk Time’ where they talk about whatever interests them. This week we are looking around the rooms and having a think about what we might like to change or improve.

The Suns have asked to get a roof and a door on the house corner! That might be a challenge but we will see if we can problem solve this with the class! They have also expressed an interest in babies and would like more baby related items in the Nursery. Isla has requested cushions to make the story corner more cosy and William has asked for a couch!

In the Moons, Ruaridh has asked for some instructions for building to help  people at the wooden bricks and Ava has asked if we can have some more dancing in the Nursery. And both Connie and Millie have noticed that we have dolls that don’t make any sound and they would both like a crying baby.

In the Owls, Ryan is getting into the holiday mood and is keen for us to add buckets and spades to the sand area. Marcel and Struan have been thinking about how to improve the water tray and Marcel would like to add polar bears and ice while Struan is keen to have some people in there. Not sure how well the bears and the people will get along but we look forward to seeing them using imaginative play there!

We launched our Early Level Online Line Learning Profiles last week and we had a very enthusiastic group of parents attend the talk. Please just ask for a form if you’ve not signed and returned the form already. We are very excited about this new way of sharing learning in real time!

Mrs Short

Nursery Making Dercorations for the School Fair

sun-art moon-art moon-art-2

The boys and girls in the Nursery have been very busy making salt dough tree decorations to sell at the school fair this Saturday. 

“We painted them when they were hard. They are for the boys and girls at the fair. We have to raise money at the school fair!”  Ruby 

“We put them in the oven to make them all hard. People are going to grab them for the school fair. I think they are really cool!” Lucas D

“I painted a star” Chloe W

“We want the people that want them to come to the fair” Tilley

The children are so excited about selling their beautiful decorations.  We look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday! 

A Special Hello from Adventure Ted!

Hope you are all enjoying your October break! Mrs James is away on her holidays this week and she has taken Adventure Ted with her.  Here is Ted enjoying the sunshine and relaxing. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 25th October and we will hear all about your holidays.  If any of you are out walking, why don’t you collect some leaves or see if you can spot some signs of Autum?

Enjoy the rest of your break!


October Newsletter

Hello! Now that I’m getting more skilled at using the website I have realised I can add the Nursery Newsletter! Here is the newsletter for October.

If you have anything you wish to add to the November newsletter please let me know. It would be lovely to include the children’s achievements! Or if there is another section you wish to see added to the newsletter please just let me know what you would find useful.

Thank you!


Mud Kitchen News!

The kids are having an absolute ball playing with their new mud kitchen. They have been making soup, talking about ingredients, sharing it with their friends and family. The opportunities for role play, extension of vocabulary and sharing are endless. They have been working together and we are encouraging them to put items back and look after the equipment.

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Loose Parts Play in Nursery

We value imaginative and creative play in Nursery and give children opportunities to explore ‘loose Parts.’ We particularly enjoy wooden and natural materials and today we made more space to build in the garden. The children made an obstacle course and risk assessed the safety aspects around climbing on the cable reels and balancing the ladd rs on them. Wonderful risky play!

img_3218 img_3220