The Aliens Have Landed !

Archie announced that aliens had landed in Windygoul on Wednesday night. We have been creating maps and plans to lead them around our Garden. We decided to leave tracks and trails to entice them. We knew all those apples would come in useful ! (see previous post). We thought hard about what to say to the aliens in our own language if we were to meet one !

We used our thinking skills to wonder and to be curious. We thought what it would be like to come to the Nursery Garden and not know what a fruit tree was. Now we can show our own understanding by drawing and talking together.

A group of children visited the Library to choose an alien or space story and we all shared this story at the end of the day. We were making connections in other areas of learning.

The Apple Harvest Is Here !

We have been exploring apples and apple trees. We worked really hard together to fill our wheelbarrows with all the red and green apples from the School Courtyard.  When we got back to  the Nursery we worked together to sort the apples in to large baskets.  This was an excellent learning experience as we  sorted by colour , size or how rotten they were !  Lots of us painted amazing apple tree paintings and created apple collages. Tomorrow we would like to bake something yummy from all these wonderful apples. Great counting can be heard as we lay out the apples and count how many are in each collection.  Remember to ask us about our learning, Mums and Dads !

Summer in the Owl Room

The Owls have been learning about Summer. They have been making beautiful summer paintings and collages. They are also very lucky to have tadpoles in their room. After a few weeks of watching them grow, the Nursery children noticed something different about their tadpoles. They had turned into frogs! Miss Ewing read them a lovely story all about a frog and they have been learning some frog facts.