P1B Spring Term

We have had a busy term since January and the children have enjoyed working on their Literacy and Maths. They are using their knowledge of letter sounds to read and make words and are becoming confident with simple additions and subtractions.  They have seen how forces act on toys and how energy can be transformed from one form to another.  They have listened to classical music and described feelings and performed dance actions according to the speed and style of the music.


We are looking forward to next term when we will be looking at plants, our bodies, senses and how to keep ourselves healthy.  We will also start using computers to present information on Word Documents and we will be getting ready to present our learning in an assembly in May.

Have a great Easter holiday from the P1B teachers.

P.1A Learning Experiences

We have worked hard this week to give our Parents/ Carers a snapshot of the learning taking place this week. We are using our Evidence Jotters to reflect on progress over the last few months in P.1. Some of us were amazed about how much progress we had made in Reading and Writing, for example.

We are continuing to explore Toys In The Past and learn about Time in Maths. We are in new Read, Write, Inc. groups and looking forward to working with new teachers and keeping up our good work in Literacy. In Drama and Music, we are exploring dance and movement through “Egg Extravaganza” and enjoyed being wriggly caterpillars and frog spawn. Some of us are still sporting our groovy pink hair and serious eyeliner from Rookie Rockstars. Great fun was had by all along with an important message on self-esteem, friendship, etc.

In Primary 1, learning is shared through the GOOGLE CLASSROOM and all parents/carers have the opportunity to keep up to date with learning experiences in the eight curricular areas. Parents are also encouraged to upload learning experiences from home.

P1/2 Snowy Day Activities!

Morning everyone!

I really hope you are all staying safe and warm in this snowy weather. Please find below a few suggested activities for you to choose from to keep yourselves busy today. I would love to see some pictures of you doing some of these, so please feel free to send any you have on Dojo. We can look at them when we are back!

Stay safe everyone, I’m looking forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures soon!

Miss Coleman

P1/2 Snowy Day Activities

·   Build a family of snowmen of different heights, try to build them in order from tallest to shortest.

·   Make a snow animal.

·   Make some 3D shapes out of snow – we have learned lots about these in class!

·   Write a snowy day story, this might be about your snowman family or about an adventure that you have been on in the snow!

·   Draw a snowy day picture of you in the snow. What are you wearing, could you label your drawing?

·   Make some paper snowflakes.

·   Today is World Book Day, could you draw a picture of the character that you were going to dress up as and share a story or two with someone at home?

·   Put some food out for the birds and watch them coming to eat it up! They will be very hungry in this weather.

·   Make different patterns and marks in the snow – what different things could you use to make these? Sticks, stones etc.

·   Help an adult to clear the paths outside your house.

·   Go on Topmarks website and choose some maths games to play – see the link to one that we enjoy in class. There are lots of others to choose from too!

·   Practise your overarm throwing with some snowballs – how far can you throw yours compared to someone else?

Have fun everyone!

Snow Day Activity – P1B

Miss Thomson and Mr Davis would like you to go outside and explore the snow. Draw a picture of you having fun in the snow and bring it in to share with the class when we all return to school.

Miss Thomson and Mr Davis

Snow Day Learning

Here is your learning challenge P.1:    Please create a footprint pathway in the snow for Goldilocks to get to the Bear’s cottage. Count the footprints. Then make all 3 bears out of snow ! Think about comparing sizes. Can you draw 3 different ways of having fun on a snowy day and then write a sentence about one of them. If you have time why not put some food out for the birds ? When exploring and learning outdoors keep yourself safe. Please work with an adult.







Butterfly World!

In science, P1d have been learning about mini beasts and we enjoyed visiting Butterfly World yesterday. We were learning about the exotic butterflies and saw caterpillars and beautiful butterflies in the indoor tropical rainforest. We enjoyed handling a snake, tarantula and millipede.
‘Millie the millipede tickled my hand when she walked over it’ (Lily)
‘the tarantula was so hairy and had 8 legs’ (Sarah)
‘I got to hold the snake and it was so slippery’ (Ollie)
‘We had to pretend to be a tree when we held the snake’ (Scott)
 Take a look at some of us handling the different animals!

Christmas Cheer!

Well done to all the boys and girls who participated in our Nativity performance. I’m sure you will all agree with me in saying they did a fantastic job!

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender img_0898

We all had a lovely time at the P1 Christmas party last Friday. We also had a very special visitor (Santa!) who came to our party and gave us all a present.  To thank Santa for coming, we sang some of our Nativity songs to him!

fullsizerender  img_0929 img_0931 img_0941 img_0962 img_0986

This morning, we had a Christmas breakfast with P7A- our buddy class. All the children sat beside their buddy and enjoyed a Christmas treat together. A big thank you to our Head teacher Mrs Wilson for providing all the lovely goodies for us to enjoy!


Have a lovely Christmas!

Nativity !

Preparations are in hand for our upcoming Nativity performances. What an amazing cast of actors, narrators and singers we have in P.1 ! We are hoping lots of Mummies, Dads and Grandparents can make it.   It will be a special Christmassy treat for everyone. Keep learning your words and keep singing in the car, shower, bed ! ( and that’s just the Teachers ! )