P.1A Learning Experiences

We have worked hard this week to give our Parents/ Carers a snapshot of the learning taking place this week. We are using our Evidence Jotters to reflect on progress over the last few months in P.1. Some of us were amazed about how much progress we had made in Reading and Writing, for example.

We are continuing to explore Toys In The Past and learn about Time in Maths. We are in new Read, Write, Inc. groups and looking forward to working with new teachers and keeping up our good work in Literacy. In Drama and Music, we are exploring dance and movement through “Egg Extravaganza” and enjoyed being wriggly caterpillars and frog spawn. Some of us are still sporting our groovy pink hair and serious eyeliner from Rookie Rockstars. Great fun was had by all along with an important message on self-esteem, friendship, etc.

In Primary 1, learning is shared through the GOOGLE CLASSROOM and all parents/carers have the opportunity to keep up to date with learning experiences in the eight curricular areas. Parents are also encouraged to upload learning experiences from home.

Snow Day Learning

Here is your learning challenge P.1:    Please create a footprint pathway in the snow for Goldilocks to get to the Bear’s cottage. Count the footprints. Then make all 3 bears out of snow ! Think about comparing sizes. Can you draw 3 different ways of having fun on a snowy day and then write a sentence about one of them. If you have time why not put some food out for the birds ? When exploring and learning outdoors keep yourself safe. Please work with an adult.







Nativity !

Preparations are in hand for our upcoming Nativity performances. What an amazing cast of actors, narrators and singers we have in P.1 ! We are hoping lots of Mummies, Dads and Grandparents can make it.   It will be a special Christmassy treat for everyone. Keep learning your words and keep singing in the car, shower, bed ! ( and that’s just the Teachers ! )

Technology Tuesday !

If you were to step in to our classroom, you would see a buzz of activity as we developed our skills on the Netbooks and explored recycled materials to solve our design challenges. We are now really excited to get Dojo points and are working well with each other to make P.1A  a happy, creative and purposeful learning workshop.

We are curious about our Map Puzzle Questions and thinking how we can explore further around :

How do people know what the shapes, lines and dots are on a map ?

The further you travel, does the map have to be very big. Is this true ?

Who needs to use a map in their job and why ?

Thanks to Oliver’s Dad for contributing the Pilot’s maps and to Noa for the Safari Park map. This helps our thinking and understanding.

Starting School At Windygoul !

The boys and girls in P.1A  are looking forward to using the School Blog to share their learning over the year. We have settled in to school really well and are getting to know all our new friends. We have been talking and thinking about height and length and developing our Maths language. On Monday we will measure and compare heights of our amazing sunflowers that have flourished over the Summer in the Nursery Garden. In P.1A we will begin to think about Maps, Journeys and Map Features as we talk and explore our environment. We are going to be very busy over the coming months, so remember to have a read of our Blog posts and do come along to the P.1 Curriculum Evening on Thursday September 1st.

Thank you to all Parents/Carers and Grandparents who attended the Family Lunch.