P1B Spring Term

We have had a busy term since January and the children have enjoyed working on their Literacy and Maths. They are using their knowledge of letter sounds to read and make words and are becoming confident with simple additions and subtractions.  They have seen how forces act on toys and how energy can be transformed from one form to another.  They have listened to classical music and described feelings and performed dance actions according to the speed and style of the music.


We are looking forward to next term when we will be looking at plants, our bodies, senses and how to keep ourselves healthy.  We will also start using computers to present information on Word Documents and we will be getting ready to present our learning in an assembly in May.

Have a great Easter holiday from the P1B teachers.

Snow Day Activity – P1B

Miss Thomson and Mr Davis would like you to go outside and explore the snow. Draw a picture of you having fun in the snow and bring it in to share with the class when we all return to school.

Miss Thomson and Mr Davis