P1/2 Snowy Day Activities!

Morning everyone!

I really hope you are all staying safe and warm in this snowy weather. Please find below a few suggested activities for you to choose from to keep yourselves busy today. I would love to see some pictures of you doing some of these, so please feel free to send any you have on Dojo. We can look at them when we are back!

Stay safe everyone, I’m looking forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures soon!

Miss Coleman

P1/2 Snowy Day Activities

·   Build a family of snowmen of different heights, try to build them in order from tallest to shortest.

·   Make a snow animal.

·   Make some 3D shapes out of snow – we have learned lots about these in class!

·   Write a snowy day story, this might be about your snowman family or about an adventure that you have been on in the snow!

·   Draw a snowy day picture of you in the snow. What are you wearing, could you label your drawing?

·   Make some paper snowflakes.

·   Today is World Book Day, could you draw a picture of the character that you were going to dress up as and share a story or two with someone at home?

·   Put some food out for the birds and watch them coming to eat it up! They will be very hungry in this weather.

·   Make different patterns and marks in the snow – what different things could you use to make these? Sticks, stones etc.

·   Help an adult to clear the paths outside your house.

·   Go on Topmarks website and choose some maths games to play – see the link to one that we enjoy in class. There are lots of others to choose from too!

·   Practise your overarm throwing with some snowballs – how far can you throw yours compared to someone else?

Have fun everyone!

P2C Snow Day activities!

I hope you have all been having fun in the snow! Here are a few jobs to keep you busy at home today. Pick any that you would like to do and I can’t wait to hear all about them when we are back at school.

Stay safe and cosy!

Miss Coventry



– It is World Book Day today! Read one of your favourite stories with an adult at home and tell them why it is your favourite. Who are the characters in the story? What is the setting of the story?

– Watch ‘The Snowman’ on YouTube. Build your own snowman and give him a name. Can you write a few sentences about what adventures you could have with him?

Numeracy and Maths

– We have been learning about 3D shapes in class. Can you build some 3D shapes with the snow? You could pick from a sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cone, cube or cuboid.

– Writing our numbers is something we always work on in class. Can you write your numbers in the snow? You could even ask an adult at home to write three numbers first for you to finish off, like we do with our partners in class! Make sure all your numbers are walking the right way!!


Health and Wellbeing

– Go for a walk in the snow with an adult, if it is safe to do so. Try and spot 10 things you wouldn’t usually see. I can’t wait to hear about them – dojo me to tell me!

– Help an adult at home to prepare a snack or do some baking if you have the ingredients in the house. 


Expressive Arts

– Make a snow day picture with anything you have at home!


Have fun P2C, if you want you can post to the school Twitter with what you are doing or send me a message on Dojo. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

P2D Botanics Trip

P2D visited the Botanic Gardens on Monday. These are some of our favourite parts of the trip:

Rebecca learnt that pandas eat bamboo.

We went on a hunt to find panda’s perfect place says Sam.

Khloe learnt about Chinese dragons.

We had lots of adventures and I saw a fox says Alfie.

Lexi enjoyed playing the dragon game.

We got to be scientists says Ibrahim.

Melissa saw lots of things which are made from bamboo.

We saw the ducks says Jack.

Darcy learnt that bamboo can grow to more than thirty times taller than us!

We found out that pandas have an extra thumb and that you can make socks out of bamboo says Hannah.

Tyler says we had lots of fun.

Cole learnt about what pandas need to survive.

Bamboo can be thin or thick says Skye.

Leo says we saw some squirrels.

Eilidh remembered that we heard thunder.

Now Daniel knows that banana plants have very big leaves.

We went into the glasshouse says Isla.

Lewis D says we saw a tanatula!

We saw nice flowers says Amelia.

Samuel thought that the squirrels were very fast.

Nathan saw big trees.

Lewis A says bamboo can be made into soft or hard things.



A mysterious arrival in P2B

Happy new year everyone!

We have been working incredibly hard in class since returning from the Christmas holiday. In writing, we are learning about imaginative stories. Ask any of us about a story burger and we will be able to tell you all about it! We all now know the important parts needed to make a good story.

In number we are working hard with bigger numbers and are all trying our best with our adding and taking away. Some of us have been looking at fractions too! We know not to panic if we struggle with our learning. Sometimes we fall into the learning pit and that’s okay!

On Wednesday something very strange happened. Mrs Wilson delivered a parcel to our classroom that was addressed to us.  It even had ‘top secret’ written on it. We were so excited that we had to put our handwriting work away quickly so that we could open it! Inside we discovered a chest. When we opened it we found a letter from a man called Professor Past and some strange looking objects. Poor Professor Past has broken his time machine and needs us to become professors to investigate objects from the olden days! We were so excited to explore the objects he had left for us and hope that he will maybe leave us more things to investigate soon.

It is all go in P2B…watch this space!




P2C Update – January 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of January already! The class have come back from the holidays ready to learn and have shown lots of enthusiasm in everything that we have been doing.  We started off the term with our Scots Week where we made our own tartans and designed kilts for Robert Burns.

Everyone made a huge effort to learn their poems and I was very impressed with the high standards in the class – thank you to everyone at home who supported the children with this.

This term we have a History focus looking at Life in the Past and are currently working on creating our own museum – more information to follow.  After the February break, we move on to a Health and Wellbeing focus looking at Keeping Healthy.

The class are currently preparing for their Class Assembly and we look forward to welcoming you into school on Friday 10thFebruary at 10.45 to share this with you.  Look out for invitations this week.


January Update for P2D

Primary 2D have made a great start to 2017! We have been thinking about examples of symmetry in nature and completing patterns to make them symmetrical . We have been really enjoying our Scots focus.  It has included dancing the Canadian Barn Dance and hearing some well known stories with a Scots twist. ‘We’re Gangin on a Bear Hunt…We’re no feart!’ was great fun to join in with. We have been learning about Robert Burns and beginning to think about how different life in Scotland was when he was alive. It has been a pleasure to hear the children recite and sing their chosen poems, thank you for working on them at home. We plan to have our next update come directly from the children (with a bit of typing from Mrs Kinnoch!)

Mrs Kinnoch and Mrs Duke

P.2A are looking forward to their Assembly!

Happy 2017!

Thank you very much for reading the Scottish poems at home with the children. They have been so enthusiastic when we have been saying them in school.

On Friday 20th of January, we hope that you will be able to come to our Assembly, (9 o’clock in the school hall) and hear not only some of the poetry, but some songs as well.

We hope to send you home with a smile, to cheer up a cold and dreich January.

Christmas fun in P2B

We have had a huge amount of fun in P2B over the past few weeks. Rehearsals, carol concerts, our party, a pantomime…not to mention the arrival of a very cheeky and mischevious elf! He arrived in our room from the North Pole at the start of December and we said our sad goodbyes to him today.

He has kept us amused with his weird and wonderful antics and has even been leaving us jobs to do. Today we had to draw ‘elfies’ of ourselves so that he would remember us when he goes back home. Have a look at some of the different things he has been doing in our classroom over the past weeks.


img_3755      img_3757

img_3866 img_3875

Here are a few more pictures of our fun and activities over the past few weeks, although we have had fun we have still been working hard. Miss Coventry and P2B wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year when it comes.