A mysterious arrival in P2B

Happy new year everyone!

We have been working incredibly hard in class since returning from the Christmas holiday. In writing, we are learning about imaginative stories. Ask any of us about a story burger and we will be able to tell you all about it! We all now know the important parts needed to make a good story.

In number we are working hard with bigger numbers and are all trying our best with our adding and taking away. Some of us have been looking at fractions too! We know not to panic if we struggle with our learning. Sometimes we fall into the learning pit and that’s okay!

On Wednesday something very strange happened. Mrs Wilson delivered a parcel to our classroom that was addressed to us.  It even had ‘top secret’ written on it. We were so excited that we had to put our handwriting work away quickly so that we could open it! Inside we discovered a chest. When we opened it we found a letter from a man called Professor Past and some strange looking objects. Poor Professor Past has broken his time machine and needs us to become professors to investigate objects from the olden days! We were so excited to explore the objects he had left for us and hope that he will maybe leave us more things to investigate soon.

It is all go in P2B…watch this space!




Christmas fun in P2B

We have had a huge amount of fun in P2B over the past few weeks. Rehearsals, carol concerts, our party, a pantomime…not to mention the arrival of a very cheeky and mischevious elf! He arrived in our room from the North Pole at the start of December and we said our sad goodbyes to him today.

He has kept us amused with his weird and wonderful antics and has even been leaving us jobs to do. Today we had to draw ‘elfies’ of ourselves so that he would remember us when he goes back home. Have a look at some of the different things he has been doing in our classroom over the past weeks.


img_3755      img_3757

img_3866 img_3875

Here are a few more pictures of our fun and activities over the past few weeks, although we have had fun we have still been working hard. Miss Coventry and P2B wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year when it comes.






Spooky start for P2B

P2B have come back smiling after the holidays. We have been busy learning about the story ‘Room on the broom’ and have been using it to learn about rhyming words too. We have even been making spooky spelling spiders using our common words!



On Wednesday we became broomstick inventors and had to use our imaginations to create a broomstick that would be the best one ever. Some people even had popcorn machines! What do you think about our designs?

img_3411 img_3412

We have had lots of fantastic learning this week. P2B are looking forward to a busy term ahead!

Me on the Map in P2B!

P2B have made a fantastic start to Primary 2 and are all working incredibly hard. We are enjoying mixing with our new classmates and having opportunities to learn with them in different ways.

In Numeracy we are working hard on our bonds to 5, 10 and 20 and are also trying to be confident when we are counting backwards. It can sometimes be a bit tricky. We have found a good song that helps us to learn and also lets us have a dance at the same time!

In Music last week, we were using instruments to show how Harvest fruits and vegetables grow. We had to think carefully in our groups to make our music sound like it was growing.

img_3085 img_3086

In Topic today, we became town planners! We used all of our learning from this term to recreate Tranent on a map using Lego bricks. We had to make sure that we used our knowledge of different types of houses to give people a place to live, we had to have open spaces for people to play and we also needed to have places for people to shop and for people to be looked after when they needed it. We hope you enjoy looking at our work in progress!