P2D Botanics Trip

P2D visited the Botanic Gardens on Monday. These are some of our favourite parts of the trip:

Rebecca learnt that pandas eat bamboo.

We went on a hunt to find panda’s perfect place says Sam.

Khloe learnt about Chinese dragons.

We had lots of adventures and I saw a fox says Alfie.

Lexi enjoyed playing the dragon game.

We got to be scientists says Ibrahim.

Melissa saw lots of things which are made from bamboo.

We saw the ducks says Jack.

Darcy learnt that bamboo can grow to more than thirty times taller than us!

We found out that pandas have an extra thumb and that you can make socks out of bamboo says Hannah.

Tyler says we had lots of fun.

Cole learnt about what pandas need to survive.

Bamboo can be thin or thick says Skye.

Leo says we saw some squirrels.

Eilidh remembered that we heard thunder.

Now Daniel knows that banana plants have very big leaves.

We went into the glasshouse says Isla.

Lewis D says we saw a tanatula!

We saw nice flowers says Amelia.

Samuel thought that the squirrels were very fast.

Nathan saw big trees.

Lewis A says bamboo can be made into soft or hard things.



January Update for P2D

Primary 2D have made a great start to 2017! We have been thinking about examples of symmetry in nature and completing patterns to make them symmetrical . We have been really enjoying our Scots focus.  It has included dancing the Canadian Barn Dance and hearing some well known stories with a Scots twist. ‘We’re Gangin on a Bear Hunt…We’re no feart!’ was great fun to join in with. We have been learning about Robert Burns and beginning to think about how different life in Scotland was when he was alive. It has been a pleasure to hear the children recite and sing their chosen poems, thank you for working on them at home. We plan to have our next update come directly from the children (with a bit of typing from Mrs Kinnoch!)

Mrs Kinnoch and Mrs Duke

Our poems in primary 2D


We have returned from our October Break ready to begin a new term full of enthusiasm!
Each morning this week we have been learning new rhyming words to help us with our poetry. We have a poetry tree which we have been attaching leaves to with rhyming words. We have loved playing What’s the Rhyme? sorting houses. Every  morning we have listened to a new poem, some are very funny and have been making us laugh. We love ‘The Worm that wouldn’t Wiggle’, that’s definitely our favourite, you can find it on youtube.

Here we are with our rhyming tree.


We loved investigating different rhyming words with our magnetic boards.


Our rhyming house game was our favourite.

We are all looking forward to a busy term ahead!

CDuke and Primary 2D