Doubles Dudes in P2C

We have been working really hard at learning our doubles and today we made Doubles Dudes to show our learning.  We challenged ourselves to think of small doubles (1-5) and doubles with bigger numbers (6-10 and beyond!)


Why not ask us at home to tell you what we know about doubles.dscf1216

Our poems in primary 2D


We have returned from our October Break ready to begin a new term full of enthusiasm!
Each morning this week we have been learning new rhyming words to help us with our poetry. We have a poetry tree which we have been attaching leaves to with rhyming words. We have loved playing What’s the Rhyme? sorting houses. Every  morning we have listened to a new poem, some are very funny and have been making us laugh. We love ‘The Worm that wouldn’t Wiggle’, that’s definitely our favourite, you can find it on youtube.

Here we are with our rhyming tree.


We loved investigating different rhyming words with our magnetic boards.


Our rhyming house game was our favourite.

We are all looking forward to a busy term ahead!

CDuke and Primary 2D

Term 2 in P 2A

Hopefully, everyone is well rested after the Holiday and ready for more learning challenges.

Letters went out today to sign up to class DOJO giving you a link from home. Please return the letter to let me know that you have signed up for it. We will clear the points at the end of every month and give the children with the 3 highest scores each month, a raffle ticket for our end of the year DOJO prizes.

We had a lovely afternoon using Autumn poems for music interpretation, and looking at Silhouettes in Art. Our art work used cutting out skills, and for some of us this was a challenge! If you have any spare time, please try some cutting out at home. Curves and zig-zags were giving us a lot to think about.

This morning we used words to describe objects and people. We enjoyed finding adjectives to describe our friends and we all remembered to be polite, considerate and honest. Well done P.2A, I was proud of you all!

Spooky start for P2B

P2B have come back smiling after the holidays. We have been busy learning about the story ‘Room on the broom’ and have been using it to learn about rhyming words too. We have even been making spooky spelling spiders using our common words!



On Wednesday we became broomstick inventors and had to use our imaginations to create a broomstick that would be the best one ever. Some people even had popcorn machines! What do you think about our designs?

img_3411 img_3412

We have had lots of fantastic learning this week. P2B are looking forward to a busy term ahead!

Me on the Map in P2B!

P2B have made a fantastic start to Primary 2 and are all working incredibly hard. We are enjoying mixing with our new classmates and having opportunities to learn with them in different ways.

In Numeracy we are working hard on our bonds to 5, 10 and 20 and are also trying to be confident when we are counting backwards. It can sometimes be a bit tricky. We have found a good song that helps us to learn and also lets us have a dance at the same time!

In Music last week, we were using instruments to show how Harvest fruits and vegetables grow. We had to think carefully in our groups to make our music sound like it was growing.

img_3085 img_3086

In Topic today, we became town planners! We used all of our learning from this term to recreate Tranent on a map using Lego bricks. We had to make sure that we used our knowledge of different types of houses to give people a place to live, we had to have open spaces for people to play and we also needed to have places for people to shop and for people to be looked after when they needed it. We hope you enjoy looking at our work in progress!






P2C Learning Update

The boys and girls have made a great start to P2 this year.  They are enjoying using their Superhero Learning Powers to help them and have been learning about their local area.  The children have been using some thinking routines to help them share their thinking with others.  One of our favourites is “See…Think…Wonder”. We had to look at a map of Tranent and work with our partner to share our thinking. Continue reading “P2C Learning Update”

Me on the Map!

We have been looking at Maps and Mapping in P2B. We have enjoyed looking at different maps helping us to discover our local area and have made some maps ourselves. We especially liked making small flip books which are called ‘Me on the Map.’ They helped us think about our place in the world discovering us in our towns, county, country and in the world. Oliver suggested sharing it on our school website. We hope you enjoy looking at them! Me on the Map

Welcome to P2/3

We have been learning lots so far this year!

In maths we have been learning about measurement and have had the opportunity to measure the weight of different items using scales.  We have also used rulers to measure how long things are.  We mesured ourselves and found out that Paige and Darcy are the tallest people in the class and Lia is the shortest person!

We have also enjoyed going to the library and choosing books to take back to class.

“I like going to the library because we get to read with the class.” – Codi

“I like to choose my own book because I like books.” – Julia

“I like having peace and quiet to read a book.” – Mia

“I like to choose books and sit on Charlie’s chair with my friend.” – Maia

“I like reading chapter books.” – Cameron B


We have also been learning about different climates and designed an outit for an Arctic explorer.   We can talk about different habitats and know where certain animals live.  We have also looked at seasons and know that there are four different seasons; Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.  “Did you know it’s Autumn right now?” – Codi

Welcome to Primary 2C

Welcome to our first post!

The class have settled in really well and are enjoying making new friends and exploring the Learning Areas in the classroom.  Everyone is really excited about our “Mapping My Local Area” learning and loved making maps of the classroom.  We had to imagine that we were birds flying across the room and think about what our classroom would look like from above.

We are making booklets about ourselves on a map and looked at a map of a town.  We had to talk about what we saw, thought and wondered about.  The ideas from the class were fantastic.  We can’t wait to finish our booklets and display them on our Learning Wall. Continue reading “Welcome to Primary 2C”