P3B have been learning about magnets

P3B spent some time learning about magnets as part of their Science work. We looked at North and South poles, attraction and repulsion and what materials in the classroom were magnetic and which were non-magnetic. We predicted first, then carried out the experiment. Lots of us got our predictions correct!

P3B Update

Primary 3B have had a busy few weeks at school.

We completed a Scavenger Hunt in the library for World Book Day. We had to look through a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to find certain characters and objects, including a frog, a bear, a queen and a character shouting.

We created some leaflets in our writing and ICT lessons to advertise Scottish castles. We used what we had previously learned and looked up more information on the laptops. Our leaflets included some facts about the castle, opening times, prices, a map and some pictures of things you might see if you visited the castle.

Finally, we performed our class assembly this morning. We worked hard over the last 2 weeks to learn some songs and create some artwork for the assembly. We used our ICT time to research Ireland, including sport stars, tourist attractions and Saint Patrick.

Primary 3D – Snow Day Activities

Morning everyone and happy World Book Day!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and warm and that you are having lots of fun time in the snow!

To keep you busy today, I would love you to choose 1 or 2 of these activities to complete!

-Build a snow castle then take a picture and get an adult to send it to me on dojo or bring the picture in to school.

-As it is World Book Day, share your favourite book with someone at home. After reading the book, draw a picture of your favourite character and write 3 exciting sentences about that character.

-Write a poem about the snow! You could write a Haiku, an acrostic or a Winter is…poem!

-Spend some time playing Hit the Button to practise your times tables.

-Make some snowballs! Measure how far you can throw them! What is your furthest throw? Who in your family was able to throw the furthest?

It would be awesome to see some of your pictures today on class dojo or you can bring your work to school with you when we return!

Stay warm and I will see you soon!

Miss McKay :0)

P3A December Update

We have had a busy term and wanted to tell you a wee bit about it. We worked in our              Co-operative Learning teams to write our comments.

We have been learning about the moon changing shape. It doesn’t change shape but the part we can see does. The sun is bigger than the Earth and you should not look right at the sun. We visited Dynamic Earth.
Matthew, Megan, Ronnie

We are learning about space and the Christmas story. We are also learning Scottish Country dancing in P.E. and we danced at our party today. We are loving P3! We are especially liking    Co-operative Learning and we enjoyed our trip. We are very fast at the daily mile.
Faye, Hamish, Owen C.

We went to Dynamic Earth and had fun, we went to the dome. The Christmas performance was fun and good because there was nice singing and everyone was good at the French song. In science we learnt that the sun is bigger than the Earth.
Roxy, Chloe, Daniel, Kayla

We have been learning about the sun and moon. We have been learning about Roy Respect. We learned dancing with Mr Ferns and did our Christmas performance.
Ava, Beth, Korbin, Sofia

We have been learning dancing with Mr Ferns and you have to go in a couple and hold hands. At daily mile we run fast. We’ve been working hard in our Co-operative Learning groups.
Amber, Callum, Emeliah, Sandy

We have been doing maths, we learn about add, take away and times. We have buddies every Thursday. We did science about space. We know that the moon goes round the Earth and the Earth goes round the sun. We have had Circle Time about respect. We do daily mile, we try to do six laps of the big playing field. We do dancing in P.E. with Mr Ferns. We went on our school trip in November. We went to Dynamic Earth.
Anna, Kayden, Mia, Struan

Welcome to P3A

P3A worked in their Co-operative Learning groups to write some comments for our blog.

In Maths we have been learning about measuring. In PE we have been learning how to throw. In Literacy we have been learning about writing and spelling. In assembly we were learning about team work.
Beth, Callum, Olivia, Owen CW, Roxy

We’ve been learning about water, ice and steam. We went to the life skills room and watched water turn into steam. We saw ice. We were amazed!
Emeliah, Kayden, Ollie

We have been learning about steam and ice and water. We have been learning about wind. We have been learning about dissolving in science. We have PE with Mr Ferns. We made water gauges too.
Ava, Hamish, Korbin, Megan

We’ve been learning about water and steam and ice and dissolving. At Circle Time we practise listening. At milk time we sit down and drink our milk and listen to stories. In the library we read.
Amber, Chloe, Kayla, Sandy

We have been doing RME and so far we have learned about Noah’s Ark. We have been learning about dissolving and we have discovered that salt dissolves but pepper doesn’t. We’ve been doing movements in PE. We have been learning numbers in French. We have a hero of the week every week.
Faye, Matthew, Sofia, Struan

We made rain gauges with our partner, we are learning about water. We do the daily mile every day. We have been learning about Noah’s Ark. We have PE with Mr Ferns.
Anna, Daniel, Mia, Owen C

P3B’s Red Nose Day!

P3B helped Windygoul celebrate Red Nose Day for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March. The class tried really hard to wear something red – some of us even changed our hair colour for the day!

We watched a video on why we were asked to raise money for Comic Relief and saw some children who benefitted from the money we donated.

Our challenge for the day was to create a brand new red nose. We spent a long time being creative and no one’s idea was the same. The photos show us working hard!

Miss Love and Miss French had a very hard time choosing the winners! Branden won the competition and Niamh and Abi were very deserved runners up.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped us celebrate.

P3B Assembly

Primary 3B performed their class assembly to the Primary 1s, 2s and 3s on Friday 24th February. We showed the boys and girls what we had been learning about castles since we returned to school after the new year.

We performed 2 songs and shared information about different castles and palaces in Scotland and the different parts of a castle and how they were used when people lived there.

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and carers who took the time to come to the assembly on Friday. We hope you enjoyed it and your support, as always, is much appreciated.

P3B have showed a lot of enthusiasm for our castles topic and have completed lots of imaginative writing based around castles, dragons, knights, princes and princesses! We will continue the topic by looking at how to create a Coat of Arms, comparing life in castles to how we live now and looking at famous people who lived in Scottish castles.


P3B & P6C Citizenship Groups

P3B and P6C have been working together in their Citizenship groups to create Christmas cards and traybakes for the elderly in our community.

We met on Friday and made fudge and fifteens. The children all worked really well together and enjoyed the experience of making a special treat!


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