P5A have been working really hard on their assembly this week. It is on Friday 20th May at 9:40. We will up date you with our learning next week! Watch this space!

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We’ve been learning about the different categories of animals, for example mammals, invertebrates, reptiles and birds. We have also been writing stories but with a sentence to start with. For maths we have been grouping data and we have recorded everyone’s height and the tallest 2 people are Calum with 156 cm and miss Lindsay with 156 cm. We also have changed our group reading book. We have been using IZAK9 which is a cube that you can do lots of Maths games with. We have been doing really well with AR we have read 8,509,366 words this year. Our target to reach is 6,250,000 by the summer holidays and if we get it our party will be a water balloon fight. In P.E we have been playing golf we have been doing a full launch, a chip shot and a putt. We have had people from Edinburgh university helping us.

By Caitlin and Harry

P5A Blog

On Monday we had people in to do a workshop called Streets Ahead. Streets Ahead is a project based within Tranent to allow us to have a say about what happens to our town. It is part of the Children’s Parliament and they tell us all about our rights. We had great fun doing it because we had to plan what we want Tranent to look like. Some of us did the bad side of Tranent and some of us did the good side of Tranent streets and some did both.

On Tuesday we went to John Muir’s birth place. We learnt a lot about him here are some facts. He lived in Dunbar for eight years then moved to America and it took 5 weeks to get there. He loved nature. His dad was strict because he followed the bible. On Wednesday we played the recorder for the P4s and some parents. It was really fun performing. On Thursday we did algebra we got some easy and hard ones.

Blog by Beth and Scott

P5A Blog Last Week

Monday- Every week we check in with our shoulder partner, technically this is when we share what we did at the weekend. We also did algebra questions like 2a+a+3+7=22. To start off circle time we played a game called Have you ever / silent statements,where you had to swap seats if you had done the statement. This allowed us to move around and also get to know more about each other.

Tuesday- In P.E we ran lots and played a game called shark’s and fishes. We glued in our loose sheets into our jotters. We also started anti-bullying posters to put around the school to stop bullying; we did this for the Me and My World of JASS.

Wednesday- we had music, rugby and alegebra. At music with Mr Piwowar on the recorder we were playing “How about this”. Straight after music we went to rugby with Michael where the boys played with Michael first while the girls passed the ball to each other at the other side of the pitch and then we swapped over.

Thursday- On Thursday we made our Power Points for JASS on My Interests. We will do a presentation for it to the rest of the class. My Interests is about you sharing what you are interested in like baking cakes or making posters etc.

Friday- We went to the hall for P4C & Miss MacKay’s assembly about Commonwealth day. It was great, with lots of singing and dancing.

P1010243 P1010249 P1010256

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On Monday we did spelling and homework (boring) our suffix was -ate. We updated our JASS folders and we read Rat Burger, our class novel. Then after lunch we did AR and in Maths we were learning to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. On Tuesday we did spelling word searches then AR and after lunch we did Maths. We were looking at more examples of mixed numbers and improper fractions. On Wednesday we did fry words first thing then we did AR. Then we finished our science report. We also had rugby then after break we watched newsround. We also finished our Literacy Evolve book Invasion. We have been working really hard to find unfamiliar words and work out their meanings. After lunch we did ICT. We all took an AR test on Invasion as a class. After that we did maths. We were doing algebra problems. We are finding it a challenge but many of us are enjoying the challenge. On Thursday we did a star reader test to update our reading age and the level of books we should be reading.  Then we did a singalong. After break we did a science experiment  and we melted ice hands in different ways. We tested salt, boiling water, hot water, cold water, the microwave and breaking up the ice. We then wrote it up in a science report. In Numeracy we were working on finding a fraction of a number and we continued with our algebra from the day before. On Friday we had golden time then assembly. After break we did AR and spelling then we reflection on our learning.

Come back next week for more from P5A.

By Emily and Harris, photos by Abi.


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This week in P5A

Throughout this week we have had Bikeability with Mr Thomas and Miss Seymour. We had to bring our bikes in all week. We were learning how to ride our bikes safely. On Tuesday we had reading buddies with P2B. We talked to our buddies about our week holiday and helped them read their Read Write Inc book. We also had Maths and we were learning how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions. On Wednesday we had rugby with Michael and we played sharks and fishes. We also had I.C.T and looked at the different parts of a desktop and laptop computer. On Thursday we conducted a science experiment on dissolving. We were look at the rate of speed that it took the sugar cubes to dissolve. In our co-operative teams we made posters including facts and figures on the Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors, pandas and China itself.

By Calum and Logan. Photos by Sophie.

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Week before the holiday in P5A

Before the holiday we were learning about Chinese food for our topic Home and Away. We have tasted some food such as lychee, sweet and sour chicken and fortune cookies. We even tried eating with chop sticks! We also have been learning how to spell words that contain the prefix re. In Maths we were learning to simplify fractions. In our Topic Home and Away we were comparing Scottish and Chinese lifestyles. In P.E we were leaning about gymnastics. We have been learning how to make up routines and work in groups we don’t normally play with. In Music we were learning how to play the recorder. On Thursday we had a movie party for reading 2,000,000 words.

Hope you had a great holiday from all of us in P5A.

Written by Abi & Cameron. Photos by Calum.





Last Week’s Blog P5A

This week in Art we have been drawing Scottish scenic pictures of landmarks and landscapes. First we had to draw the outline and the reflection on the water next we coloured it in using pastels.


This week in Maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions. We have been recapping what we have done using fraction walls.


This term our Topic is Home and Away. This week we have been looking at the traditional dress of Scotland and China. We had to research the different dress.


Our Blog

This week we have learned about Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the monkey. Next year is the year of the rooster. The main religion in China is Buddhism and we learned some Mandarin from P5C at their assembly. Within our Maths we have been learning about Fractions. This week we were calculating equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and some of us were looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions. We also did some really challenging calculator questions in problem solving. We all thought it was going to be easy because we could use a calculator but we had to think carefully about what numbers and operations we put into the calculator.

We also watched a live link with Tim Peake at the ISS in Space!

By Anna and Joshua


P5A’s Weekly Blog

This week we have been learning Scottish poems. Here are some of them: To Messy for Nessie, Fireworks aff the Castle and O Hearing of the New Scots. We have also been learning about Nessie. We wrote our own imaginary stories about someone finding a monster somewhere in Scotland. We had to think about what our monster would look like and where it would live. We also needed to include lots of connectives to make our writing more sophisticated. We have also been using atlases to plot different towns and cities on maps of China and Scotland as we will be comparing the two countries in our new topic Home and Away.

We have been learning about fractions. We have learnt that the smallest number should be on the top. We also learnt that fractions can be used on basically everything, like sharing food, or resources equally.

We were also very excited to find out that some of us would be getting filmed for the Education Scotland website this week! We were working in our co-operative home teams to tackle problems to do with multiples. Miss Lindsay was also filmed teaching P7 fractions, decimals and percentages.

By Samantha, Maisie and Jack