P5B Update (15.4.16)

On Tuesday we had some visitors in the classroom from the Children’s Parliament. We were talking about Tranent. We had to think about being happy, healthy, safe and then think about all the places in Tranent that make us feel that way. We made up our own town with wooden building blocks. We then had to draw a picture linked to Tranent. All of our pictures will be going onto a mural and it will be on a wall in Tranent for everybody to see! Continue reading “P5B Update (15.4.16)”

P5B Update (7.3.16)

This week we had Mr Thomas as our teacher because Miss Macdonald was away at the P7 camp in Benmore.


In maths, we were learning about decimals and we played a place value game with decimals. We also did some work with adding decimals to make numbers and we also carried numbers over.


In topic, we finished our Scotland leaflets and we made leaflets about China so we can compare them together to see the similarities and differences. Continue reading “P5B Update (7.3.16)”


I would like to say well done to P5B. The assembly today was wonderful! The audience, adults and children, loved every minute of it. You worked very hard on this assembly and I am very proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for your hard work.

I am looking forward to hearing all about your work with Mr Thomas when I get back from camp.

P5B Update (10.12.15)


Over the past couple of weeks we have been getting ready for Christmas. We have been learning our songs for the Christmas Carol Service which will be at 1:30pm on Tuesday the 14th December. We hope to see you there!

During our writing lesson we have been creating poems for Christmas. We made an Acrostic Poem about Christmas and we tried to include some ambitious vocabulary. In partners we made a Winter Poem and we tried to include alliteration, rhyme, onomatopoeias and similes. Continue reading “P5B Update (10.12.15)”

P5B update (13.11.15)

This week we have been working on the topic ‘Mary Queen of Scots’. We have been investigating what happened in her life and we have been making a timeline. We have been acting this out to help us remember things that happened to her.

During our writing lesson this week, we wrote a newspaper article about the birth of Mary Queen of Scots and the death of her father, King James. It was very interesting. Continue reading “P5B update (13.11.15)”

P5B Update (30.10.15)

This week we started thinking about our new topic, Mary Queen of Scots. We wrote a list of things we already knew, things we wanted to find out, how will are going to find out and how will we show our learning.

For Writing this week we made a space poster. We were including all the things we learned in our space topic. We were working in partners or teams. We looked at other posters to get ideas. Continue reading “P5B Update (30.10.15)”

P5B Update.

This has been our final week of working on ‘The Sky above Us’ topic. It has been very exciting because we got to go on a trip to the Edinburgh Royal Observatory on Wednesday. We got to touch a few things and look about the observatory. The roof spun around and opened so that if you wanted to look at a new direction through the telescope, you could move the roof. We saw the telescope and it had a 1 meter mirror. We went onto the roof to see the view from the top of the observatory. Then Will, our guide, took us into a room to watch a slide show. Will taught us facts about asteroids, the stars, the planets and meteorites. We then got to ask questions to an astronomer. We found out lots of facts, including why the Milky Way is called the Milky Way(because it looks like spilled milk in the sky). Continue reading “P5B Update.”

P5B update.

Over the past couple of weeks, Primary 5B have continued to work on ‘The Sky above Us’ topic. We mad an information grid on the planets, size, colour and how many days the planet took to orbit the sun. We used the internet and information books to find the answers.

During Maths, we have started work on Angles. We used post-it notes to find right angles in the classroom. We were learning the names of the angles. Their names are right, obtuse, acute and reflex angles. We have been using Mathletics on the computers and we really like it. 13 people in our class got certificates from Mathletics, well done!

In P.E, we have been playing games of knock out, bench ball, invasion games. We have been learning about dribbling and passing the ball. We have been learning about having bendy knees, looking for spaces, heads off chest and scanning. For our warm up we have been doing speed 1. That requires bendy knees, low down and looking for space.

For Music, Mr Piwowar has been teaching us how to play the recorder. We played the notes A and B from the musical alphabet. We had to read notes form a note book called ‘Red Hot’.

Please look out for future updates!

From P5B.


P5B news!

Over the past couple of weeks, Primary 5B have been working on ‘The Sky above Us’ topic. We have been looking at the planets and their order from the sun. We used the mnemonic; My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets, to remember the order. We have listened to a few songs to get information on the planets.

During Maths, we started with some revision work. We have been using Mathletics on the computers and we really like it. We have been working on numbers and place value. Sometimes in the morning we have been completing a maths challenge.

Continue reading “P5B news!”