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We watched Mark’s story about him getting scammed. His friend got a new game called Deal or Death 2 but a week later it needed an update so he downloaded an update and it said ‘just click here and Deal or Death 2 will update’. So Mark clicked it and it said ‘you have updated Deal or Death 2 and it said ‘click here to get Deal or Death 3’. Mark was shocked. Deal or Death 3 shouldn’t be out by Christmas. So he clicked it and it said buy Deal or Death 3 for only £19.99 so Mark went and got his mum’s credit card and got Deal or Death 3 but when he clicked on it the game didn’t arrive. So he went to see his mum and she was on the phone talking to the police. Mark had spent £500. His mum was upset and angry. We learned we shouldn’t click on things we don’t know what they are on the internet or use a credit card without permission.

Josh and Alix

  • Maths
  • We have been doing factors, Mathletics and Numeracy. We were practising time on mini clocks and whiteboards.
  • Topic
  • Our topic is Mary Queen of Scots. We have been learning about Scottish history.
  • Gym
  • In Gym we have been doing Parkour.
  • Daily Mile
  • We have been doing 4, 3 and 2 laps in fifteen minutes.
  • ICT
  • We have been using Microsoft Publisher and making leaflets.
  • Reading
  • We have been doing our reading for 15 mins each night.
  • Owen & Aaron

Shane and Finlay’s blog.

Topic Our topic is Mary Queen of Scots.

We are learning about her life.

She was born in Scotland.

She went to France.

She got married at 5 years old.


Gym we are doing gymnastics and Parkour.

We are using apparatus to do Parkour.

The things we use are benches and tables and stools.

We are making routines in groups of 3


Reading We have 4 groups for reading called the blues, the greens, the yellows and the reds.

The blues are reading a book called Tall Story. It’s a very good book.

The yellows are reading farmer Alien Invasion.

And we all have silent reading books for in class because every Thursday we go to the Library and choose a book such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Gruffalo and many more.


Literacy In Literacy we are reading a book called Invasion.

It`s about a boy called Rollo and he is a page for William the Conqueror and it’s an amazing book



Maths In Maths we are doing time.  We do o`clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to.  We use clocks and our teacher tells us a time to make and we do the time.


Art In Art we are doing Charles Rennie MacIntosh.  We made designs and roses and we are looking at some of his work.


Welcome to Madison & Irva’s blog

Literacy!-Last week Mrs Short came to our class because Mrs Idle was sick.We were doing a Powerpoint about a Scottish character called Oor Wullie. We had to go on the computer to look up facts.


Reading!-We are doing AR in class. We have different reading groups but both enjoy our reading books. Our reading groups are Greens, Yellows, and also Blue and Reds.


Maths!-We have been doing division and time. In division we were doing addition division and subtraction division numberlines was our strategy this is time. We have been learning o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to. We are enjoying time. These are our maths groups Trapeziums, Rhombus, Kites.


Spelling! –This is our groups for spelling Suns, Stars, Moons and Rainbows. Last week the class had Scottish words to do for spelling and this week we have Frys words.


Art!-This is what we are doing this week in art . . . Charles Rennie Mackintosh art. W e are making creation with pen or pencil

Thank you for reading our blog from Irva & Masdison

Maths and Numeracy

We have been doing money. We added some coins like 50p, 20p, 10p, 1p, 2p and £1. We have done some change so if you went to the shop you could be like Sally. Her mum gave her 50p and she spent 48p. Her change would be 2p. At the beginning of change I did not really get it and now I know how to do it. I think it is quite easy now.



I like reading because it helps me read more big books. I like reading because you get to read books that you never would read. At the moment I am reading Horrid Henry. I like Horrid Henry because it is my favourite TV cartoon. I am reading Gangsta Granny and it is very good because it is funny. I like Gangsta Granny because it is by David Williams. I love his books. In class we are reading altogether The Person Controller by David Baddiel.



We have been making calendars for Christmas and we had to make our own pictures for the boxes and colour them in. Then we got numbers to colour in and it was fun. Today we have Art and we are making Christmas decorations. We are making little presents and then decorating them.



We have been doing words that have a silent w. For example wrote, wrestle, wren, wreck. We have also been doing wordsearches as well.



In French we have been doing fruits and veg. We have been doing quizzes. It has been a lot of fun .


Golden Time

In Golden Time we do lots of fun stuff like play games and art and lots of fun stuff.



In library we pick a book and read it. I always pick big, thick books because I like hard books. I pick Horrid Henry books because they are fun.



In Literacy we have been reading about the Spiderwick Chronicles and in our spelling we have been doing kn words


In Art we have been doing our placemats for the Christmas Fair for this Saturday and we are doing our own advent calendars.


In Gym we have been doing central net games, hand tennis and we are using tennis rackets.


In Maths we have been doing subtraction sums and number lines.

Scottish Parliament A lady from the Scottish parliament came to our school and told us about it. We had our own election. There were 5 different parties.

In Maths we have done bar chart on sweets and they were marshmallow, Bounty, Aero, Hubbabubba and Randoms. Aero was the most popular sweet in P5B. Marshmallow was the least popular sweet in P5B.

We have written a formal letter to the manager of Louis Vuitton to ask if we could have his display of space planets.

We have finished Grandpa’s Great Escape and now we are reading the Person Controller.

In PE we have done the magic c for throwing the ball.

In French we were listening to Tyrone the Horrible in French.

While we were doing reading we had to do a spelling activity while you weren’t reading.

By Carrie and Murray

MATHS  – Times Tables  We have been learning our 3x and 5xs tables.  In symmetry we have learnt that a symmetrical shape is the same on both sides if we half it.


SCHOOL TRIP  We went to Dynamic Earth for our school trip.  We learned that we are made out of atoms.


TOPIC  In topic we have been learning about the Scottish Parliament.  The Scottish Parliament holds political parties.  Here are some – SNP, Labour and Conservatives.


STORY  We did have a book called Grandpa’s Great Escape but we finished that book and so we have a new one called the Person Controller and it’s funny.


DAILY MILE         We are doing really well just now at our daily mile and getting faster and going further.


By Eve and Kole


This week we have been working on improving the speed we can answer questions on our 3 and 4 times tables.  We also did work using a compass and adding the number of degrees and then we looked at obtuse, right, acute and reflex angles and began to measure some of them.



We have done some vocabulary work this week and this has helped us to improve our spelling for our spelling tests.  Our spelling groups are called Suns, Stars, Moons and Rainbows.  We have also been doing pronouns and nouns.



In French this week we have been doing head shoulders knees and toes.  We have been learning the French words for our body parts and our faces and we learned a French song as well.

Blog by Craig and Emma  TALK TIME

MATHS This week we have been learning about angles. Their names are obtuse angles, right angles and acute angles.

GYM.  This week in gym we played a bench ball game and a warm up game that’s called ‘Run Away from a Catcher’.  Emma was the star of PE this week!

LITERACY PRONOUNS  In Literacy we learnt about pronouns.  Pronouns are fitting in words to replace a noun AND in TALK TIME we had to say what our learning successes were and what we will try to do better in next week.


TOPIC  In topic we are learning about space.  In topic time we made and presented our space posters.

We also did A FIRST STEP with all of our class and Mrs Idle and Mrs Houston.

HOMEWORK   We were learning new spelling words and filling in words on our sheet!

READING This week in reading lots of us got new books.  We really like getting new books.  We think we are reading a lot more this year.