End of Term 1 / New Start in Term 2


*Maths – We have worked really hard learning about angles. We learned about the names of different angle – acute, obtuse, straight, full turn, and right angles. (Cambell)We have been learning about the compass points. We know can name the angles and degrees in compass points ( Hayden S)

*Reading – We have learned to decode challenging words in our books. We have done this by using dictionaries. (Ella)

*Maths – We have learned about symmetry. We have learned to draw mirror images. I liked doing the celebrities. (Hannah)

*Writing – We have been learning to use descriptive language and describing words. (Sophie) We have been using WOW words to describe different things. (Teigan) We have been learning the Fry Words List. (Laia)

*Number – We been learning about place value. We can round to the nearest 10 and 100s. (Freya) We have been learning to quickly recall our times tables facts (Sophie)

*In Art, we have learned to draw aliens and rockets using contrasting colours. (Emily)

*In Science, we have been learning about air resistance and have made parachutes. We know the bigger the parachute the more time it takes to come down. (Cambell) We have been learning about all the planets in the solar system. (Hannah)We made up mnemonics to order the planets. (Emily) We have been learning about the life of Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. (Rory)We watched some of Chris Hadfields videos showing us how things are done in space. (Corey)

*RME – we have learned about how the different religions and science believe the world began. We have shared our own ideas and beliefs too. (Marcos) We watched different videos to help us learn. (Daniel)

*Growth Mindset – We have been learning about the Growth Mindset. We know it is good to mistakes and it is ok not to always know the answers. This is all part of learning. Our brain is a muscle. (Freya) Dojo has been teaching us all about this.(Sophie) We have been learning from our mistakes (Hannah)

We did an amazing assembly about music across the decades. We worked really hard to learn songs and dance routines. (Daniel)

*As part of citizenship group, we collected a harvest of fruits and vegetables from the courtyard. We made apple and pear pies to donate to the food bank. (Tyler)

*Co-operative Learning – we have been learning the rules of co-operative learning teams. We earn table points when we can do this. (Harvey)



*We can find it challenging to sit on the carpet properly. We need to remember to sit properly without touching anyone else. We need to make sure we are listening to other and not talking over other people. (Rhianna) We also need to remember to behave this way when visitors are in the classroom. (Sophie) We know we need to sit with our legs crossed, hands in a basket and quietly. We get DOJOs when we can do this without being asked. (Lucy)

*We find it challenging to complete our work on time. (Harvey) Mrs Bell sometimes uses a timer to show us how long we have (Eva) We can earn 5 DOJOs for getting our work completed on time. (Freya) We have superhero powers to help when we are stuck like ask 2 then you, use a textbook, work around it (Daniel) We need to remember not to distract others from their work too (HaydenF)

*We can find it hard working in our co-operative learning teams. We need to remember everyone needs to have a job and be busy. (Evan) We need to make sure everyone is getting a turn. (Laia) We need to come to decisions together. If we disagree, we need to compromise. (Freya)We get co-operative table points when we work well and the table with the most points get a cushion to sit on for the next week. (Kian)

*Sometimes it is hard not to say the red words (fixed mindset). It is hard not to get upset when we get things wrong or don’t understand something new. (Ella) BUT we won’t give up, DOJO will help and we have a Growth Mindset Hero every week! (Hayden S)

*We can find it hard to complete our ERIC time. We need to remember this is 15minutes of silent reading and not talk to our friends. (Freya)


MATHS  – Times Tables  We have been learning our 3x and 5xs tables.  In symmetry we have learnt that a symmetrical shape is the same on both sides if we half it.


SCHOOL TRIP  We went to Dynamic Earth for our school trip.  We learned that we are made out of atoms.


TOPIC  In topic we have been learning about the Scottish Parliament.  The Scottish Parliament holds political parties.  Here are some – SNP, Labour and Conservatives.


STORY  We did have a book called Grandpa’s Great Escape but we finished that book and so we have a new one called the Person Controller and it’s funny.


DAILY MILE         We are doing really well just now at our daily mile and getting faster and going further.


By Eve and Kole

Our Space Topic

Over the last few weeks P5C have been exploring the Solar System and looking at how our universe works. We have looked at everything from the vast sizes of stars and distances across the Solar System to the tiny world of atoms.

The whole class enjoyed trying to replicate a scale image of the Solar System by positioning the Sun at one end of the school field, Mercury 36 metres from the Sun and Earth 93 metres from the Sun (at a scale of 1metre for 1 million miles). We were all shocked that Neptune would be the other side of Ormiston at this scale.

The children also began to recognise how gravity pulls objects into orbit around them by watching demonstrations on YouTube (search for ‘gravity, space time and blue spandex’ for an excellent illustration of how gravity works on stretched out blue spandex).

Looking at space also brings us to looking at the world of the tiny in order to understand what is going on. The children enjoyed exploring how stars, with their immense gravity, squash the simplest atoms into larger atoms (fusion) and give off energy. They also create other bigger atoms as they start to die and then finally explode casting out all the gases and dust into space only to form new stars through gravity again. It was an amazing moment when we all began to realise that we are all stardust!

I hope that this topic has inspired our P5 children to want to explore more about their world (and beyond) to a deeper level.




This week we have been working on improving the speed we can answer questions on our 3 and 4 times tables.  We also did work using a compass and adding the number of degrees and then we looked at obtuse, right, acute and reflex angles and began to measure some of them.



We have done some vocabulary work this week and this has helped us to improve our spelling for our spelling tests.  Our spelling groups are called Suns, Stars, Moons and Rainbows.  We have also been doing pronouns and nouns.



In French this week we have been doing head shoulders knees and toes.  We have been learning the French words for our body parts and our faces and we learned a French song as well.

September Learning


This month in literacy we have been learning about how to use non-fiction texts; we can use contexts and indexes to find the pages we need and use the headings and sub-headings to find information. We can scan texts to find the relevant information and can highlight key words. We have also been creating non-fiction texts in writing; we have made posters, leaflets and reports.

We have also enjoyed writing our own stories. We have been learning to use our senses to add description and have been practising adding WOW words.

We are learning to read non-fiction texts (Daniel) 

Non-fiction books are full of information (Harvey)

We are learning to use descriptive language to describe a setting from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We had to use WOW words. (Evan)

We learned how to make an information leaflet (Hayden F)

We learned how to use cursive script (Sophie)

We learned to spell our topic works for spelling (Eva)


Numeracy and maths:

In Numeracy we have been looking at place value. We know that each digit has a different value in a number. We know that 0 has a value in a number.  We can use place value to help us with adding and subtracting. We can also use rounding and estimation to help us answer sums. In Maths we have been learning about symmetry. We can identify and draw the lines of symmetry in shapes and can draw the other half of symmetrical pictures.

We learned how to draw the other half of symmetrical picture (Corey)

We learned how to round numbers to 10, 100 or 1000 (Emily)

We learned to recall our times table quickly (Sophie)

We can identify the 8 compass points (Teigan)

We can say how many degrees are in a compass (Craig)



We have been learning about Space. We have been very excited to receive letters from NASA asking us to do research for them about the planets. We have also been learning about astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake.

We were learning about Life in Space. We research what astronauts wear in space and how they live (Eva)

We learned the different phases of the moon (Laia)



We have enjoyed planning and preparing for our assembly. We have learned about different music over the decades from the 50s to now. We have learned different songs and how technology has changed over the years. Mrs Bell was very proud of us for our performance on Friday!

We had to listen to different times of music and learned about songs from the past (Ellis)

We learned a dance routine and rhythm in the ‘Thriller’ dance (Jake)

We had to try and learn our script (Ella)


Blog by Craig and Emma  TALK TIME

MATHS This week we have been learning about angles. Their names are obtuse angles, right angles and acute angles.

GYM.  This week in gym we played a bench ball game and a warm up game that’s called ‘Run Away from a Catcher’.  Emma was the star of PE this week!

LITERACY PRONOUNS  In Literacy we learnt about pronouns.  Pronouns are fitting in words to replace a noun AND in TALK TIME we had to say what our learning successes were and what we will try to do better in next week.


TOPIC  In topic we are learning about space.  In topic time we made and presented our space posters.

We also did A FIRST STEP with all of our class and Mrs Idle and Mrs Houston.

HOMEWORK   We were learning new spelling words and filling in words on our sheet!

READING This week in reading lots of us got new books.  We really like getting new books.  We think we are reading a lot more this year.

Maths and Numeracy

In Numeracy we did lots of fun things including symmetry and angles.

Also in maths we have been doing times tables challenges We have been getting better at our times tables



We have been learning about space and Neil Armstrong.

We have also been learning about the solar system and the rotation of the planets and how the planets work.



In Literacy we have had a look about nouns and pronouns.  We were turning nouns into pronouns and pronouns into nouns.  We have been writing letters from Mars.



In French we have learnt the calendar and what to do for the register.  We were learning Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes to help us with our French body parts.


By Emily and Ethan




I was learning how to count using a numberline.  This helped me with my counting and I’ll use it again.  I like counting on a numberline because I can count bigger numbers.


Literacy & Topic

Each group was given a planet to research.  Our groups got Neptune and Venus.  We had to read some posters about the planet and then share our facts with our partners.  Now we are putting all the facts together in a poster.  We were also skimming and scanning some writing to looking for the important words in a passage to help us answer questions.



We are able to say how we feel each day.  We played ‘Guess Who’ in French to help us remember our colours and to learn parts of our body.



We played invasion games and we are learning how to find space in these games to help us throw and catch the ball.



We have been listening to music and songs from the 60s.  Our next step is to learn a song from the 60s.


Kelsey & Jamie E

P5B blog


Maths and Numeracy


We were adding within 100 using a number line.  We are still practising this.  We were drawing the lines of symmetry and reflecting shapes. We found this enjoyable and are learning to think about reflecting on vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry.




We were writing planet order mnemonics.

Here are 2 examples.

Money Vanishes Every Monday Just So Unexpectedly Now.

My Vest Explores Mexico Just Seeing Umbrellas Napping.

These help us remember the planets.


Circle Time


In Circle Time we talked about who is a special friend and why they are our special friend.  We also sent a smile around the circle.  This made us feel valued, liked and welcomed.  We also said something encouraging about the person beside us.  This made us feel special inside.

P4/5 are off to a flying start!

The children in P4/5 have come into school after their holidays with bundles of energy and enthusiasm for learning. Despite coming from five different classes, they have all been getting to know each other well and have started to make some new friends.

Our topic this term is “Space” and we are all very keen to learn more about our Solar System and space travel. Thank you so much to Cameron and Finlay for giving us wonderful 3D models of the planets, they are hanging in the classroom and look amazing. Our challenge now is to make a 3D sun!!!

The children were all very keen to welcome our International Educationalists into our class yesterday and show them what they have been learning about Space. They all answered questions very intelligently and we were so proud of them.

We are also trying really hard to improve our cursive writing with good results and have set ourselves a challenge to have made real progress in this area by Christmas.

In Maths, we have been learning about Symmetry and are soon going to be working with angles. We are continuing Number Counts and are pushing ourselves to work with larger numbers when doing mental calculations.

We are all enjoying the class novel “Granny” by Anthony Horowitz and are going to develop our literacy skills with a Literacy Evolve programme about Space Exploration. Thank you so much to all parents and carers for helping children with their reading homework as they are learning so much about Space through discussions of their books in school.

Keep watching our website for next month’s blog. Hopefully one of the children will write the next one!

Janet Ferrier