P5B update.

Over the past couple of weeks, Primary 5B have continued to work on ‘The Sky above Us’ topic. We mad an information grid on the planets, size, colour and how many days the planet took to orbit the sun. We used the internet and information books to find the answers.

During Maths, we have started work on Angles. We used post-it notes to find right angles in the classroom. We were learning the names of the angles. Their names are right, obtuse, acute and reflex angles. We have been using Mathletics on the computers and we really like it. 13 people in our class got certificates from Mathletics, well done!

In P.E, we have been playing games of knock out, bench ball, invasion games. We have been learning about dribbling and passing the ball. We have been learning about having bendy knees, looking for spaces, heads off chest and scanning. For our warm up we have been doing speed 1. That requires bendy knees, low down and looking for space.

For Music, Mr Piwowar has been teaching us how to play the recorder. We played the notes A and B from the musical alphabet. We had to read notes form a note book called ‘Red Hot’.

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From P5B.


This week in P5A

This week we have been learning about some of the different types of plurals. Also this week we have been learning about the creation stories of different religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. We found out that one of the religions called God three names. This week we are going to learn more about space before moving on to a different topic after the holiday. We have been learning all the different names of angles such as reflex, straight, obtuse, acute and a right angle.

By Isobel and Beth

Astronauts, Superheroes and Simon Says

This week we finally got into our home teams. We got to know each other in our home teams by telling each other our favourite subject, favourite food and our name. Together we came up with a team name and hand shake. In our home teams we had to create a super hero that showed perseverance. During the task we could earn team dojos for working hard. The team with the most points will get cushions at their seat next week! We do our spelling test every week in the back of our homework jotters. This week was our last week on homophones before we move onto plurals next week.  We love reading our books in class and we have been busy reading books we have chosen from the library, our group novels and an E-book of Neil Armstrong’s life. Neil Armstrong’s biography helped us make a timeline of his life this week. During this task we used reading and writing skills to find the information and write it down. We also had to use our number skills as we had to work out how old Neil Armstrong was on each of the dates. Every Friday two people get to write the class blog and in order of the register four people a week have talk time with the teacher. This is where they share what they have learned this week and what challenges they have faced. Everyone else in the class reflects on their learning individually. This week we have also been learning about angles. We can now see the connection between angles and the points of the compass and have been using this knowledge to play Simon says.

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By Owen and Joshua


This week in P5C

This week we’ve been learning about right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. We learned that there are 90 degrees in a right angle and 360 degrees in a full turn. We have also recently been using mathletics. In literacy we have been learning how to write biographies and how to recognise homophones.  In topic we have been looking at the life of Neil Armstrong and how he got chosen for his space mission. We have been scanning for information to help us learn about him.

By Gemma


This week we have been learning about homophones and angles. We have also been learning about the music alphabet with our new music teacher. I really enjoyed drawing the perseverance superhero for Mrs Wilson.

By Olivia

This week in P5A

We have been doing a lot of work about angles. The angles we have learning about are right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles and reflex angles. In Social Studies we have been learning about Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. We have been looking at Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong’s biographies. On Wednesdays we have music with a new singing teacher called Mr Piwowar. We learnt about the musical alphabet. During ERIC time we have been reading for about 15-20 minutes. In Literacy Evolve we have been reading an ebook about Neil Armstrong called A Huge First Step.

Make sure to check out next week’s blog to see what else we’re up to. See some of the new facts we have learned below!

By Angelina and Andrew.

P1000607 P1000608

Learning in P5A

This week in P5A we have been learning about Neil Armstrong because he was the first person to stand on the moon.

Our topic is Space and in our Art we have been drawing rockets. Next week we will use pastels to make space backgrounds for our rockets. We have also continued to work in groups to research the different planets, the sun and moon and we have used our facts to make one big poster.

We have also been writing to NASA because we got an email for a job application to go into space to explore the solar system!

We have also been watching story bot videos on youtube and been learning more facts about the solar system.

When we watch story bot videos we learned the order of the solar system which goes like this the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. To remember the order here is an example: My Very Embarrassing Monkey Just Sat Under Nachos.

We have also been texting what we have been learning this week. Check some of our msgs below!

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By Samantha and Emily.


P1000601 P1000602

News from P5C!

P5C have had a great start to the term.  We are working really hard on place value in maths at the moment as well as tricky homophones in our spelling.  We are trying hard to use our their, there and they’re in the correct way! We have also started our topic ‘The sky above us’ which we are really excited to find out more about.

Here is a snapshot of our first few weeks together:

We have been doing a lot of different things in class. We have gone to PE with Miss Borthwick and Mr Thomas where we were doing invasion games. We also have been doing some French and making French finger puppets to have conversations with. Every day we have been doing a daily mile which is when we have to do lots of laps round the park and field! Our topic at the moment is the sky above us and we have been looking at the different planets. We are trying hard to remember the order that they come in and have been using different songs and mnemonics to help us. This week we have also been trying hard with our cursive writing and making sure that our letters are joined together properly. Our class has had lots of fun this week!

By Katie and Coral.


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P5B news!

Over the past couple of weeks, Primary 5B have been working on ‘The Sky above Us’ topic. We have been looking at the planets and their order from the sun. We used the mnemonic; My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets, to remember the order. We have listened to a few songs to get information on the planets.

During Maths, we started with some revision work. We have been using Mathletics on the computers and we really like it. We have been working on numbers and place value. Sometimes in the morning we have been completing a maths challenge.

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Our Learning

This week we have been busy researching and making posters for all of the planets, the sun and the moon. We have been playing Boggle for three weeks now as our morning starter and we are now using 12 letters to try to make different words. In maths we have been doing place value for 2 weeks and we are looking at numbers in the millions now! It took a little while but we got there. We have made a learning wall and we have been learning what the different areas of the curriculum are and what we will be learning in each are. We have space on our wall to ask any questions about our work in the different areas.

In our class we have also been learning about music through the decades there are lots of old singers that we don’t really know about. We now know that the years 2000 to 2009 are called the noughties. We have been doing mnemonics to remember the order of the planets from closest to the sun to most far away from the sun. For example Many Very Elderly Men Just Snooze Under Newspapers.

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By Harris & Leah

First Days of Primary 5A

It is now the end of our first full week in Primary 5A and we have lots of news to share!

We are very lucky to be one of the classes to have a classroom in the brand new extension, so our first days were spent discovering our new surroundings, getting lost and exploring our new resources. Our classroom is on the second floor of the extension so we are definitely getting lots of exercise when we move around the school! From our classroom we can see the eco friendly sedum roof from the original building. We will keep an eye out throughout the year to see how the colours change with the seasons. We are also very excited to have a fully kitted kitchen opposite our classroom. We look forward to doing lots of baking and cooking throughout the year! We have also been given a new touch screen whiteboard to try out which we are very excited about using. It looks like a big TV screen!

As well as exploring our new surroundings we have also been learning all about each other this week and realise that our differences will allow us to all bring different skills and qualities to our new class. We have started our topic The Sky Above Us and we have been learning lots of interesting facts. We have learned that gravity is a force that keeps us on the ground. That stars are made of burning balls of gas and that the sun is a huge glowing sphere of hot gas. In Maths we have been doing lots of work on Place Value. We have been looking at numbers as big as hundreds of thousands!

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