Primary 3D – Snow Day Activities

Morning everyone and happy World Book Day!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and warm and that you are having lots of fun time in the snow!

To keep you busy today, I would love you to choose 1 or 2 of these activities to complete!

-Build a snow castle then take a picture and get an adult to send it to me on dojo or bring the picture in to school.

-As it is World Book Day, share your favourite book with someone at home. After reading the book, draw a picture of your favourite character and write 3 exciting sentences about that character.

-Write a poem about the snow! You could write a Haiku, an acrostic or a Winter is…poem!

-Spend some time playing Hit the Button to practise your times tables.

-Make some snowballs! Measure how far you can throw them! What is your furthest throw? Who in your family was able to throw the furthest?

It would be awesome to see some of your pictures today on class dojo or you can bring your work to school with you when we return!

Stay warm and I will see you soon!

Miss McKay :0)

P6C Blog – Week Ending 23rd September 2016

In Social Studies this week, we have been comparing the lives of rich and poor children in the Victorian times. We learned that most poor children would work in coal mines or factories or cotton mills. Poor children sometimes had to beg on the streets and orphans had to go to work in the workhouses. When the poor children were working they were only paid 8p per year! We are glad we are children now not in the Victorian times. Rich Victorian children did not have to work. They normally had a nanny to look after them. Continue reading “P6C Blog – Week Ending 23rd September 2016”

P6C Blog – Week Ending 15th September 2016

In P6C, it has been a busy week because it is a shorter week. We have been learning about how Victorian children had to work if their families were poor. Some only got paid 8p per year!! We were kind of shocked that children had to go out to work at the age of 4. Some of us were shocked as we have younger brothers and sisters.

In Reading, we were focusing on non-fiction and how to transfer our skills in Main and Supporting Ideas. We read about and answered questions on Roald Dahl because it would have been his 100th birthday. We created questions of our own using our Victorian non-fiction books. In Writing, we learned about a new genre of Writing called Imagined Personal Response or IPR for short. It is when you write in the first person and you have to write as if you are someone else…like stepping into someone else’s shoes. We had to pretend we were a Victorian school child. It was fun because we wrote with a partner but some of us preferred to write alone. Continue reading “P6C Blog – Week Ending 15th September 2016”