Learning @ Woodside


All planning is centred around the individual child and their family.


Planning is based on the Curriculum for Excellence and is differentiated to the needs of our learners.

We use GIRFEC to ensure we are meeting the needs of our learners and families.

SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports) is the framework we use to support the social communication and emotional regulation of all our learners.   All our learners all have a SCERTS plan in place with individual transactional supports.

We have SCERTS expectations in place for all staff. Woodside SCERTS expectations

For further information see https://scerts.com/

Children’s rights are central to our learning and teaching.  We use a variety of alternative and augmentative communication to ensure our learners have a voice.


Inclusive Communication and Environment

Windygoul are part of the Visual Supports Project and we are currently embedding the use of visuals across the school to help create a more inclusive environment.  Within Woodside we use varied communication styles and AAC to support our learners.  We are learning Signalong as a whole school.