P3B have been learning about magnets

P3B spent some time learning about magnets as part of their Science work. We looked at North and South poles, attraction and repulsion and what materials in the classroom were magnetic and which were non-magnetic. We predicted first, then carried out the experiment. Lots of us got our predictions correct!

P1/2 Trip

P1/2 had a great time at the Seabird Centre today! This morning, we had lots of fun exploring the rock pools and finding out about the creatures that lived in them. We went to three different areas of the beach to explore and we even got to collect some ‘marine minibeasts’ to put in a tray of water! We were then able to have a closer look at them moving around. We then had lunch outside on the grass as it was such a sunny day. After lunch we went back out to the beach to learn about food chains. Some of us got to wear fancy masks to act out a sea life food chain and then we sorted some food chain cards into the correct order in our groups. We finished off our day by making some of our own food chains in the sand, using our fingers to draw the shapes and stones, shells and seaweed to make them look more realistic! We had a super day in the fresh sea air and we were all very tired on the bus journey home! Well Done P1/2! What a lovely day!

P6A Amazonia visit



On the 29th of March P6A went to Amazonia.

Firstly we put our coats and bags in a locker and then we lined up waiting to go into Amazonia. The lady who was taking us round talked to us about some things that were inside. Then she took us inside and asked us some questions about the rainforest. Next she took us round so we could see all of the different animals and there was even a nocturnal section. Some of the animals we saw are: toucan and he was called Coco, snakes, monkeys, birds, amphibians and butterflies. After that we went into the handling room where we could hold a tortoise, a snake and a tarantula. Some people didn’t hold any of them but most people did. After a while we went into the interactive section, also with a green screen. The boys sat down on the green screen first and they played a game to jump up and down to catch butterflies on the screen. Eventually the girls got a shot and then they played one more game, but by the end of that everyone was really hungry! So we went under a big tent to eat some lunch. While we were eating we were given a rainforest booklet to fill in. Before very long everybody made their way back to Amazonia to have another look around at the animals. Some people even fed the fish. Lastly we got on the bus and we went back to school.








P1/2 Update

P1/2 have been very busy this term! We have enjoyed learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy and we did a fantastic assembly on this too. Here are some of the things that we have learned!

We started off by learning all about what foods to eat and how to have a balanced diet. We even planned some balanced meals and lunches and carried out a survey to see what our favourite fruits and vegetables were. We now know that we need to try our best to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

We then went onto find out how to brush our teeth properly and what things are good and bad for our teeth. We were very surprised at how long 2 minutes was when we were pretending to brush our teeth in class! We also learned about the importance of hand washing to stop us from getting ill. We did a fun activity using glitter to show how easily germs can be spread. We enjoyed practising our hand washing at the water tray and we tried our best to remember all the different steps. We then looked at how much sleep we need at our age and we thought about how we feel when we are tired. We finished off our healthy body work by looking at how medicines can help us to feel better when we are ill and we now know the importance of using these safely. We also thought about who can help us to feel better (dentists, doctors, nurses etc).

Last week, P1/2 also took part in a Tesco workshop. We got to make our own muesli by mixing together lots of different ingredients. We also found out how much sugar is in some cereals that we eat, as well as popular fizzy drinks. We had lots of fun eating our very own muesli afterwards!

Well Done for all your hard work this term P1/2. Keep it up!

P6C Update

P6C have been very busy recently so we wanted to update you on our progress.

We have been working on Keeping Myself Safe this term. This has been very interesting to work on and the class have provided interesting and insightful comments.

We have recently begun working on fractions during our maths lessons. We are working on identifying fractions and equivalent fractions. Continue reading

P4C and the Vicious Vikings!

P4C have had a great time this term learning all about the Vikings. The children have all been really engaged in their learning and have produced some excellent work. They have been able to successfully link their learning with all areas of the curriculum. We have had Drama sessions from a specialist teacher, we have designed our own shields and jewellery and even baked Viking bread. The children are extremely proud of all the work they have done and have produced a book, showing all their learning. They are really looking forward to showing  their work to their parents and friends on Thursday afternoon,. We hope lots of you will be able to come and see our art displays and maybe even try some Viking bread. I’m sure that all the children will remember their learning for years to come and hopefully teach their families all about the Vicious Vikings!!

P1B Spring Term

We have had a busy term since January and the children have enjoyed working on their Literacy and Maths. They are using their knowledge of letter sounds to read and make words and are becoming confident with simple additions and subtractions.  They have seen how forces act on toys and how energy can be transformed from one form to another.  They have listened to classical music and described feelings and performed dance actions according to the speed and style of the music.


We are looking forward to next term when we will be looking at plants, our bodies, senses and how to keep ourselves healthy.  We will also start using computers to present information on Word Documents and we will be getting ready to present our learning in an assembly in May.

Have a great Easter holiday from the P1B teachers.

P7A Update

We have been very busy in Primary 7A since returning from Benmore. Pupils participated excellently at both the Meadowmill and STEM transition events. Getting to know children from our cluster schools as well as completing exciting activities. A highlight was the egg drop and rocket cars at Edinburgh College.

As the Easter break approaches we have been developing our skill in using clay. We had great fun! We have made clay bunny rabbit egg cups. It was tricky getting the right shape and adding on additional elements such as ears. We are now waiting on them drying so that they can be painted and then varnished by the end of the week so that they can be put to good use over the holidays. Keep an eye out for photos of the finished articles!

Mrs G and Primary 7A

P4A Blog

This term we have had lots of fun learning about the Vikings.

I enjoyed learning about the long ships because there was to learn like how they put shields around the side – Ruby

I liked learning about the Viking’s jobs. They were farmers, fishermen, traders and craftsmen – Alfie

I enjoyed learning about their clothes because there were materials that I didn’t realise exists at that time like linen, cotton, leather and silk – Jack M

We really enjoyed our drama workshop: We learned that the Vikings lived 1300 years ago – JackT

We all pretended to be Vikings raiding Lindisfarne and some of us were Monks.


In Maths, we have been leaning about fractions and shapes:

We have been working out fractions of amounts using counters and division – Grace

The top number in a fraction is called the numerator. The bottom one is called the denominator.  We used mirrors to check if pictures were symmetrical  – Joseph

We have been learning to make tiled patterns using 1 or 2 different shapes -Fraser