2B Snow Day Activities

Morning P2B,

I hope you’re all enjoying the snow! I’m sure lots of you have been outside building snowmen and i’d love to see photos of you beside them so we can see how tall they are. Ask Mum or Dad to send them on Dojo.

I imagine the snow is quite deep where you are, it certainly is at my house! Why not practice counting up with big footprints, then try counting backwards to get home.

It’s World Book Day today so when you’re back inside warming up, you could share some of your favourite stories. You could even re-tell someone at home your story about the Little Polar Bear as he got lost in snow just like we’ve had.

Another cosy indoor idea would be to draw a picture of all the fun you’ve been having to bring in and share with us.

Stay safe and wrap up warm and I look forward to seeing and hearing what you’ve been up to when we’re back at school.

Miss Smith