Seashore fun in P2C

P2C have had lots of fun over the past few weeks learning all about the seashore. We have been looking at ways to sort animals, what food chains are and about the different features that make seashore creatures perfectly adapted to their habitat. Today we learned about jellyfish and had a go at making our own ones using paper plates and tissue paper. We hope you like them!


Keeping healthy in P2C!

We have been working really hard this term to learn all about how to keep our bodies healthy. First we considered the food that we eat and how to make it balanced and healthy. We read ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and created a healthy lunch for Mr Grinling.

Then we looked at ways that our bodies can become unwell with a particular focus on germs. We had lots of fun using glitter to show how easily germs can spread between people and within our classroom.


We now know that we need to wash our hands with plenty of soap and have even practised singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song while we wash our hands to make sure we are scrubbing for long enough. Our glitter germ volunteers found that this was a perfect time to make sure all the germs were removed from our hands!

Well done, P2C! Lots of fantastic learning so far this term. Keep up the hard work!