Virtual Parent Consultations 2022

Windygoul Primary School – Virtual Parent Consultations 2022

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The link will open as a PowerPoint. This should be easily accessed from all mobile devices and desktop computers.

Tuesday 22nd March 2022


Thursday 24th March 2022

Please click the links below ONLY at your appointment time. This will ensure that you are able to enter the meeting.

Primary 1A  Mr Graham

Primary 1B Miss Ferguson

Primary 1C Miss Lindsay


Primary 2A Mrs Davidson / Miss Mayo

Primary 2B Mrs Stewart / Miss Mayo

Primary 2C Ms Thomas


Primary 3A Mr Leslie

Primary 3B Ms Watson / Mrs Young

Primary 3C Mr Davis


Primary 4A Mrs Sharp / Mrs Inverarity

Primary 4B Miss Macdonald

Primary 4C Miss Nichol

Primary 4DMrs Fraser / Miss Bradshaw


Primary 5A Miss McNeill

Primary 5B Miss Joss

Primary 5C Miss Stewart


Primary 6A Mrs Bernard

Primary 6B Mrs Idle / Mrs Duke

Primary 6C Ms Tumilty


Primary 7A Mr Harris

Primary 7B Mrs Grzybowski / Mrs Coaton

Primary 7C Miss Lee

Primary 7D Miss Smith

Primary 7E Mrs Buchanan

SfL Mrs MacKinnon & Mrs Sharp & Mrs Newman