Woodside at Windygoul

East Lothian Council has a range of specialist provision for children and young people with complex and enduring needs. Our specialist provisions are located within mainstream schools, allowing all our children and young people to be a member of a mainstream school with the benefits this can afford. This model encourages all learners to be part of the wider school community. It promotes opportunities, encourages close links and shared experiences with mainstream peers, appropriate to their needs.

Woodside ASN Provision within Windygoul Primary and supports children with Autism and Communication Needs.   We provide a predictable and desirable environment where our pupils are supported to become successful learners , responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors.     We opened in 2020 and currently have a role of 18 children between 3 classrooms.

Provision Profile: Severe and Complex – Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Severe, complex and enduring additional support needs that are primarily associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. In addition, there can be a combination of needs including physical and/or medical health needs, sensory processing needs, and social and emotional needs.
  • Requires a level and pace of learning significantly below that of their peers (across all areas of the curriculum).
  • Requires a highly individualised and adapted augmentative communication approach to learning and teaching across the curriculum.
  • Requires highly individualised assessment, planning and review by a coordinated multi-agency team.

As our provision grows and develops we will be updating this area of our website to share our progress and provide support for all members of our Windygoul Family.


Mrs Stephanie Murray (Depute Head Teacher)

Miss Lori McCreadie (Classroom Teacher)

Mrs Lynsey MacPhee (Classroom Teacher)

Mrs Lynne Wojtacha Whiteside (ASNA)

Mrs Helen Hayes (ASNA)

Mrs Patricia Reavy (ASNA)

Mrs Kirsten Henderson (ASNA)

Mrs Abby Dow (ASNA)

Mrs Serena Onions (ASNA)

Ms Megan Stevenson (ASNA)

Mrs Ami Inglis (ASNA)


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