Owls and Wizard hat making!

The wizards hat will sit on our desks and every time we complete a challenge set by Theodore then we earn a gold star. If we manage to get all the stars from the challenges then Theodore has made it as a wizard professor. We will all do our bests to help Theodore become the best professor he can be.

We made excellent owls out of clay today. They need to dry before they can be painted though so watch out for the finished products too.

More photos of the finished owls still to come. Watch out for themP2/3 make clay owls as their first challenge! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 recieved a parcel through the post!

While P2/3 were investigating their new classroom this morning a parcel arrived for them. The children were unsure who should open the parcel. They decided the fairest way was to have a think and then pitch to rest of the class why they were the best person to open the parcel. There were some really good pitches. In the end Josh won the best pitch and therefore got to open the parcel. He discovered a bear with glasses called Theodore, a letter from the bears Headmaster at Alnwick Castle wizard school, a bag and a handmade book. The children were so excited to find out they would be being trained by Theodore to become a wizard. Each day the children will be given different challenges to complete and if they pass them not only will they become good wizards but they will be helping Theodore to become the successful wizard professor he longs to be.

Good luck in the challenges P2/3A parcel arrives for P2/3! on PhotoPeach

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