7th May

Windy conditions and a forecast of showers meant a changed to the planned control of pirri pirri, to focus instead on a spring times spruce up of the woodland and dunes.

Alongside litter clearance, much of the focus was clearing the charcoal left from fire sites within the fragile dune system. Charcoal has an adverse effect on the floral assemblageĀ  at Yellowcraig so the seedbank should be better able to rapidly recover to its natural state following the work done by the Friends of Yellocraig volunteers.


It wasn’t all about clearing upĀ  though as we found time to scope puffins bobbing off the shores of Fidra, and Abbie spotted a beautiful and freshly emerged small copper butterfly on the fringe of the car park.


Much wood was also collected for displays within the Countryside Department’s Wild About East Lothian marquee which will be at the Big Nature Festival later this month.

Maybe see you there.