8th June

Running behind schedule with our spraying due to some unseasonably poor weather, we focused our attentions instead on the removal of pirri pirri seed.

This invasive plant has gradually spread after being brought to areas such as the Scottish Borders in wool from New Zealand for garment manufacturing.

The spined seeds adhere readily to clothing, boot laces and animal fur. Because of this it has an amazing ability to rapidly spread to new areas, where it can establish itself and threaten to suppress native vegetation.


It is a slow paced task but one that is pleasant ,and was especially so in the fine weather. A fair amount of seed heads were picked during the day, with the result of thousands of potential plants being removed at source.


After lunch, Katty put on a spider ID masterclass and clocked up a fair few species, while Abbie’s eagle eye had also led to some interesting finds including a very funky (or scary, from a caterpillars perspective) parasitic wasp.




Until next time.