1st October

Unfortunately for such a lovely day, most of the morning was spent in the chilly autumnal shade of sea buckthorn found growing along the coast and cliff top near Marine Villa and the WW2 pillbox. This pillbox  was used as a searchlight station as part of the Fidra battery. This formed part of the outer defences of the Firth of Forth, supported by two 6 inch former warship guns located higher up the hill. 


Having cleared the path and removed some of the invasive russian  vine surrounding it, we returned, armed with litter pickers, along the beach now in the full heat of the sun. And it was unseasonably hot…hot enough for this…..


…perhaps too hot however as demonstrated by someone unnamed’s assessment of the the new  Borders rail as being “…like a rich tea bread with lots of fruit”.  Maybe we should stick to the shade next time.




3rd September

The regenerative power of ash and sycamore in the dunes is quite amazing. Seeds from these tenacious trees blow in from the surrounding woodland and are quick to establish themselves. Once cut back they rapidly produce numerous new shoots, and are thus used in many areas for pollarding and coppicing. However here they are a significant threat to the important flora and fauna of the sand dune habitat.

Many trees remain, and apple, hawthorn, yew and juniper are some of the less invasive species which can be found providing cover and food for birds and other wildlife within the dunes.


Enthusiasm for the task was boosted by the mid morning birthday cake arrival.