3rd December 2015


We are fortunate at Yellowcraig that in being a raised beach (created as the former seabed rebounded upwards after the weight of a glacier was removed from it), the sandy soils mean that  rainwater generally drains away quite quickly. Paths are therefore generally quite dry apart from in exceptionally wet periods where the water table can rise considerably.

Unfortunately where ground compaction occurs water can pool and for some of the task today we were trying to find a  drainage solution for the water accumulating on the main path to the beach, and diverting it to the more freely draining sandy soils.



Mission (or perhaps just the first stage of it) accomplished, smoked (no less) mince pies and mulled wine awaited before we commenced on the afternoon task of bird and bat box maintenance. This took us in sight of the old radar station and air raid shelters which are located between Yellowcraig and Dirleton. Please see this link for some more info: http://www.rafdrem.co.uk/location.html (thanks Janice!); and also this link: https://canmore.org.uk/site/121938/dirleton-ground-control-intercept-radar-station

Batboxes are still lacking in evidence of use by anything but birds and snails (thanks Katty for the rather grotty  investigation which revealed the suspect droppings to contain feathers and vegetative matter as well as insect remains, suggesting bird rather than bat droppings); the tawny boxes were also unoccupied by owls, but blue/great tits looked to have made good use of the smaller boxes.

Activities have now been updated for 2016 on the website so will hopefully see you then. Thanks again to everyone that gave up their time to help on site this year.

Merry Christmas when it comes.