8th January 2016

With most of the country submerged under water it was no surprise that the forecast today was for unrelenting rain. However bar a heavy shower at lunch when we were couried in with hot tea, it stayed remarkably dry allowing us to get on with the tasks unhindered.


The only significant freshwater we encountered was at the mouth of the Eil burn where we spent the morning. This area can accumulate a   large amount of litter due to the local effects of wind and tidal currents. With tires, metal pipes, fishing waste and a depressing assortment of small plastic items, including tiny nurdles/ aka mermaids tears (see pic below and : http://www.nurdlehunt.org.uk/), there was plenty to occupy our energies.


Forced back by the rapidly advancing tide, we retreated to the car park to conduct some maintenance on the recent woodland planting along the car park edge. Ash trees seemed to be fairing particularly well here and the bright red berries of Guelder Rose  persist but probably only in the short term as they will no doubt be devoured in the impending and long overdue cold snap.

Thanks and see you next month.