3rd March 2016


A rare sunny day graced usĀ  as we headed to the south side of the site to provide some much needed care and attention to the 500 tree saplings that were recently planted there.


While some of us straightened up the protective tree tubes and removed grass that had grown up inside them, a few continued to tackle the ongoing removal of a post and wire fence that was rapidly becoming subsumed by the surrounding woodland (with a short interlude fora sensory take on identifying animal tracks and signs!).

photo 2

Many of the trees are now poking up above tube height, with a good few of those evidently providing good fodder for grazing roe deer, especially during the winter time where groups of them will be working their way through the available shoots.


Then best time to see roe deer at Yellowcraig is at dusk or dawn, but if you don’t make it then, they can often be seen lying up in the surrounding fields throughout the day and can be better observed through binoculars.