7th July 2016

Stunningly patterned dark green fritillary
All photos courtesy of Abbie Marland

Graced by the presence of dark green fritillary butterflies in amongst the sand dune vegetation, a team of 6 crawled on hands and knees (some of the time anyway) in search of pirri pirri seed.

Pirri pirri is not a laughing matter!











Continuing where the able cohort from Lothian Conservation Volunteers had finished off picking seed the previous week, there was a disappointingly large amount of seed to be found .pirri2searching

Most of the viable seed present were on plants that had either been missed in the survey and spray earlier in the year, or those that were that vigorous that the spray was struggling to kill them off.

Pirri pirri seed heads

Will look to do another survey in August. So if you are reading this and interested in coming along and helping, you would be more than welcome. For more information please email me and you can be put onto the volunteer database.

Thanks again to everyone for their help, and to Abbie for the photography too!