April 2017

Repairs to the boundary wall was the task facing the Friends of Yellowcraig at the start of April.

In some areas we are trying just to stabilise the wall and stop it deteriorating further, but in others we are looking to repair sections to restrict access. This is the case at the gnarled ‘twisted pines’  (comprising Scots pine and Larch) which can be found on the woodland edge on the eastern side. These have suffered the ravages extreme coastal weather, helping to give them their haggard looks, but also of people cutting limbs off for camp fires. They  have since been fenced/walled in to preserve them.

Yellowcraig is best known for the coast and dunes, but the woodlands make for a great place to have a sheltered stroll on a windy day. The twisted pines, large beech trees, many of which are now nearing or meeting  the end of their natural lifespan, and the characterful sycamores that can be found near the playground  are impressive. However the prize for the weirdest tree on goes to the ‘serpentine sycamore’ found just off the main path to the beach. With the trunk looping in a range of directions it gives an impression of it facing some serious indecision about which way it should (or could) grow!

March maintenance

Lots happening this month to end the winter maintenance programme, with bird breeding season being upon us, and visitor numbers set to jump from now on in.

Friends of Yellowcraig were busy clearing and tidying as much of the recently damaged sea buckthorn along the dog walkers footpath as possible. Much achieved by them but still alot to go, nice to see lots of new growth on the sea buckthorn though so it will hopefully look much better over the coming months as it recovers.

Tidying up the remainder of the scrub piles and stumps in the dunes were also on the agenda for a couple of volunteers, who managed to get their task of burning the remainder of the scrub in record time with an impressive committment to the cause !

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, cloud, mountain, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: outdoorEqually impressive was the turnout from Friends of Yellowcraig and Archerfield Walled Garden staff who turned out to litter pick the coast between Eyebroughy and the Eil Burn. Sorry to those that had to bail before benefiting from the fantastic cake based calorie replacement session courtesy of the Walled Garden afterwards : ) .

Thanks also to North Berwick West Links Golf Course, Archerfield Links Golf Course, and the Renaissance Golf Club for uplifting their litter back  from the coast, and also to the North Berwick Amenity Services staff for uplifting it up from there.

East Lothian Path Wardens have also recently been in the area improving the surface of the John Muir Way along side North Berwick West Links Golf Course, with the work to complete this section set to take place within the next few weeks.

Boundary wall repair is on the cards for the April task so hope to see some of you there.