1st June 2017

Back to pirri pirri seed removal for this months outing. With 9 willing volunteers patiently pacing the dunes and staring into the marram grass (to the extent that you see an apparition of pirri pirri when you close your eyes at night) we managed to find plenty of seed, largely from plants that had survived the initial spray of herbicide.

Despite this, the quantity of seed found is hugely reduced from previous years so hopefully we are starting to get to grips with this invasive plant, a little anyway.

We were greeted by two westward flybys of Canada Geese skenes, sounding a bit like a whooper swan with a cold! These were perhaps on route to their breeding, or more likely, moulting sites, numbers of which seen on the east coast peak inĀ  June (Birds of Scotland, 2007).

Thanks all once again.