January 2018

January’s session marked a change in the way that we are tackling pirri pirri bur, an invasive non-native species, at Yellowcraig.  With evidence of the success of pulling the plant at sites such as Lindisfarne, and with a sizeable team of passionate volunteers skilled in the identification of the plant , we are hoping to try and get to grips with it in a more environmentally friendly, if somewhat labour intensive , manner.

Although progress was slow (85 m in a day), 9 people managed to pull four full bin-bags of pirri pirri, uprooting hundreds of plants (that had the potential to set many thousands of seed). In time it is hoped that we can come close to eradicating the species here, a unquestionable challenge. However there is a good chance we can peg it back to a population that has minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation with a strategy that does not require the input of harmful chemicals.

Once again, thanks to all involved.