February 2018 Pirri pirri digging

With a blue moon hanging low in the sky, Friends of Yellowcraig set off pirri pirri digging,  a task which is now taking place somewhat more regularly than the aforementioned moon appears!

And so our second session of 2018 saw 12 volunteers, joined by Roger the Ranger, digging for victory as we worked our way at an incremental but methodical pace.

Cheered by much needed tea brought to us with the help of some ingenious campire gadgety (Thanks Liz!) we survived the biting north easterly winds, spending much of the day huddled as low as possible in the marram.

The going may be slow but the result is hopefully satisfying for all when looking back at what has been achieved so far with all the help from Friends of Yellowcraig, and other volunteer groups.

Thanks all, and thanks to Abbie and Janice for the photos